Monday, April 03, 2017

A movie within movie - Kavan

There was one intriguing thought that ran throughout while watching Kavan - first release of 2017 for Vijay Sethupathi, that, which TV channel has bought its telecast rights. Considering the extent of media bashing and the level to which behind scene activities of famous reality shows have been revealed, wonder would the channels consider it as a self goal to show this movie. But nevertheless a topic and theme that I could relate to and is pretty close to heart - credibility of mainstream media, especially television and news channels.

The movie has a running time of over 150 minutes and is literally a non-stop run to finish. Right from the time the name credits role, there are already scenes happening in background when the name scrolls, till the end credits, where there are scenes happening again, the movie is a non-stop express from start to finish. Like all KV Anand movies, the climax portion is super rushed up where a supposedly half an hour of screen time is cramped into minutes with everything happening in parallel.

The theme of the movie, as mentioned before, is quite current - reliability of media houses. It literally washes their dirty linen in public on how social media, mainstream and all other formats are hand in synch in projecting or damaging the images of any public personality, from politician to movie star to common folks. Vijay Sethupathi for once is miscast in a role that requires more suave and chocolate boy. He looks even odder sporting "ondipuli senthil" inspired wigs. His English diction lets him down and with his feeble voice it makes dubbing all the more worse. This is one role where his acting chops doesn't come to his rescue as in his previous movies. Madonna Sebastian looks like "Kadhal" Sandhya clone and has precious little to do. She replicates the "Ko" heroine role to the T and plays the role of a "sporting" side kick. The famed TR entry and his characterization falls flat within few minutes of his intro. This could've been a grand re-entry for him and for no fault of him, it fizzles out, courtesy the director. Rest of the cast play their part and are almost unnoticeable in the break neck screenplay. Songs- sutham. BGM - suthamo sutham.

Gils verdict - Remove those scenes involving reality shows and those involving media mismanaging public opinion, KAVAN is bland at best. Its super fast screenplay saves it to an extent but this is one catapult that surely misses the target. Hope the TV rights aren't hit considering the damage they've done for their shows :)

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