Friday, April 28, 2017

William Shakespeare

Many things might come to mind for people. But to me his name would always be the name I missed. The very first time I heard about mister shake, was during that game I was playing with my cousin sister and her friend. I don’t exactly recollect the full rules but it was about naming personalities, places, animals or things starting with specific alphabet that was given to each. But I do recall that friend’s name for it was as unique as this Shake guy’s name that I wasn’t even sure if it was a name or my sister was making it up. Her name was Mathangi which I heard as Mullangi and that settled the deal for her to be permanently rechristened as Raddish. As for the game, I got stuck at W (curious similarity with this contest as well) and my sister helped me out with this name. First I thought she was pulling my leg as I was wondering how can someone be named like this – shakespear (aatu eeti in tamil). My sister was shocked and embarrassed at the same time that not only I didn’t knew about mister Shake but I refuse to acknowledge him as a person at all in front of her friend. She decided it was high time some one taught me English and began to share her library books with me. My first ever English novel was “Master of the game” by Sidney Sheldon. “You can very well..go to hell..David Blackwell” says kutty ponnu Kate as she stomps out of her meeting with David for refusing to marry her. The story of McGregor’s and Blackwell, how they stole diamonds from Nabi(?) desert and became a conglomerate (first ever time I read the word) and how Kate goes on to manipulate everyone around her, it’s something I am not going to forget in a hurry. The scene where Kate helps to save the African guy by hiding him on her train and how she coerces her son without his knowledge to win an oil empire as dowry, she must’ve been the best ever heroine cum villi character of the novel world ever. I did give Shake’s works a try and “Tempest” and “Merchant of Venice” where probably the easiest to follow even as abridged non-detail version. Romeo and Juliet, Julius Ceaser or the famed Hamlet, couldn’t quite follow the English, as most of the words were bouncers. At some point, I even wondered what the big deal about this guy is and why people are going so ga-ga over his books which I couldn’t quite understand. End of the day, he would always be that name, I never knew for answering in that game. Not that it mattered to anyone else, but I feel he is overy hyped.

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