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900. Milestone post

11 years and counting!!! 900th post.

Sathiyama namba mudiala. When I started to blog, never thought it would survive more than a month max. Slowly it became a routine and with luck has been continuing across places and proxies. There was a time when I wanted to treat this like a magazine with a post every 5th or 6th day. I would even schedule some in succession based on available time. Most interesting part of this whole blogging experience is, in many stories and posts, I've included real life happenings with altered names of the individuals, decipherable only to me. But so much water has flown through that I've forgotten most of the stories themselves that are posted here. Would randomly click on some month and when I read those posts, I've no recollection of ever writing them, only to be disproved by the comment section.

Most of the stories were near perfect replica of real life incidents and with such a colorful bunch of characters, with whom I got to spend time with, there was never a dearth for stories. To an extent I could gauge the kind of company I had, going by the tone of the posts. Any remotely funny segments on any of those posts, were solely attributed to those gangs at that time. Another interesting thing was the transformation on the writing. There were lot many bloggers who wrote then than now and each had their own unique style with tanglish being pretty prominent. It caught my fancy and probably I've abused it to the extent possible. There were lot many stories floating around and many of them had dedicated followers and subscribers. Some of them even switched from their IT jobs into full time writing. Another point was on the network formed via blogging. At one stage we had more that one blog friend in each of the 50 states of USA and across all the major nations of the world. People used to joke around that "ulagathula enga ponalum soru sure". As they stopped writing and blogging, gradually we all lost contact as well. May be because we were all like minded or may be the fact that we all started at the same time, there was an easy frequency match within the bloggers and whenever we met in person, never felt like strangers at all.

Two people I want to single out. This post might still be 100 short of a thousand, but they will always be Aayirathil oruvar. One is mister Bragz, a fellow blogger, fast rising writer who will one day rival other authors commercially and content wise as well, an uncle of my kid with whom he shares a scare and get scared relationship plus my dear friend/brother/all other relations possible and applicable and  who incidentally shares his birthday with Tamil new year. He is born into a new year every year, literally and figuratively. He owes major credit for almost all the book reviews I post for being a chum and sharing those books. Wishing him all happiness as always in this year and coming years as well. Other is Thala Ramesh. Possibly, the one person who never misses out to comment on every single post of mine and one thing I always look forward to after publishing the post.

Innum ethane naaliku kadai odum therila. But would love to make it a round 1000. Thank you all for your support.


Kalakals gilsananda.. Here's to many more such cool milestones and yes don't ever stop blogging OK..
Misskay LN said…
Oh wow... I felt a huge achievement for 500 posts itself and 900 posts would be amazing.. But more than 900, I think the 11 years is a bigger milestone. Amazing!!!
Ramesh said…
Huge milestone Gilsu. And judging by the way you have picked up on blogging these days, the 1000 post mark is just around the corner. Here's a thought. See a hundred movies, write a review of each one of them and come to the 1000 mark with a bang !!!

11 years a bloggingna, you started at the age of 5 aa ?? :):)
gils said…
@6t: about ur velinaatu payanam soon
@misskln: thank you :)
@thala: hehehee..exact calculation
mahesh said…
congrats VSR - wishing super quick success for 1000 posts!!!

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