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The fake realities

For a while I used to be a big time fan of Super Singer's and Jodi number One's. The very reason that, I got to hear classics without their awful picturisation and some really amazing talents set the tone for the whole show. But over period of time, they've grown to be awful and more couldn't be more fake with the concept of reality being only on name. Forget the kind of nonsense they churn up in the name of TRP's but the damage they are doing to kids and art in general is becoming irreparable.

They've become that virus that've begun to feed on the very essence of art form. Music classes have started advertising coaching for reality shows. Cine dance forms have replaced traditional variants and with hardly any patronage they are at the risk of not surviving into the next decade. I've quite a lot of sabha's near my area. But for December, where people throng to see the famous personalities lining up for a handful of concerts, who otherwise spend the rest of the year doing the same kind of shows all over the world, I hardly see any posters for music concerts. Its been quite a while since I saw dance shows being performed on those sabhas. There is one tailor shop called, Shanti's that used to be jam packed with eager parents, ordering for dance costumes months in advance for their kids arangetram. Nowadays, that place is being used for its parking space.

As much as the threat to arts, I am really scared for the life of kids participating on those shows. The kind of songs that they are asked to sing and those weird ugly and nasty things that are made to do in the name of performing on stage is borderline outrageous. In the name of emoting the kind of things that toddlers do on stage are nothing short of child abuse. Less said about dance shows the better. Some are so vulgar, wonder if there is really a censor present for television channels!!

Some of my colleagues openly talk of enrolling their kids for music or dance, just for the sheer amount of money they can encash on post appearance on such shows. And kids these days to take up to hip hop or some western dance or other, that they can make a mish mash with our traditional art forms, in the name of fusion crap and all for that one glimpse on the idiot box which will set them on course for big bucks. Nowadays music and dance have become synonymous with cine music and cine dance.

With one new singer/composer and dancer/master appearing per movie, wonder when the bubble will burst!!


Aarti said…
itha thaan rhomba varushama sollikittu irukein.. no one listens.. I dont watch any of these shows for the simple reason. Reminds me of the one show on kids that used to come on DD ages ago= forgot name.. the kids will be staring at the parents on the sideline and doing performance. Today it is just sad, sometimes kids perform songs/dances that are crude/beyond their age... sad
Aarti said…
btw, nice new layout... :D
Ramesh said…
Stop watching these shows, let their TRPs decline and they will automatically fade away. The consumer is the king !!

The problem is that the viewer actually wants exactly this and more. We have the option to close our eyes thought !
Ravi said…
Very true.

Kalaikamma adaki written post from you ?
Asha said…
True, whatever you have said about the trend of opting contemporary dance over Indian traditional.
Do you remember how one of the junior Airtel super singer's father got heartattack(sonu nigam was the judge, forgot the contestant name from bengal) But still must admit the kids are super talented, some parente are pushy and ambitious.

I remember Shanti dance needs originally as shanti dresses in sengalineer pillaiyar koil street.It still enjoys NRI clientale and is one of the few stores which caters to dance needs. It enjoys NRI and pakka maanila clientale local illati enna:)

TV shows paakaradillaya? Who is responsible for this change? yaar andha nabar ungalia mattriyadu?

Badil thevai.

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