Monday, September 16, 2013

Z for - Zip zap zoommmm

They say when you hear hooves people always think of horses and never zebras. A roundabout quote directing people to think outside the rutty routine. Having been posting about 6 posts a month for close to half a dozen years, I took up the challenge of this a-z post series hoping to finish it in no time. Raanuvathula azhinjavana vida aanavathula azhinjhavan thaana namma oorla adhigam :D Proved true in my case as well. Having never been good at participating on any competition on named event for that matter, this one series, almost killed my writing hobby itself :D All I could think of was a title starting with the next alphabet to post and the mokkais that I could think of posting never could fit into one. And slowly I gave up on writing itself.

As I type in this last post of the series, I could feel the rush coming back and with the finish line on sight its such a huge relief.

Many a time I wanted to quit writing blogs and blabbing my head off with my verbal diarrhoea of posts. But it kind of has a therapeutic effect, cleansing the mind off thoughts and helping me hear myself out. At times, it even helps me to understand the way I think and prepare myself in certain situations.

So..lets see how many more I can churn up before its time to call it quits :)


Ramesh said...

Congratulations Gils. It takes perseverance to finish an A-Z. Nicely done.

And forget about quitting. We will come and box you on your ears if you even try :):)

Asha said...

avlo seekrama quitsaa!....i thought you will quit in March...adhukullayuma?

Oru vela TVmalai....lerndu MDS transfer vangitangalo?

Anyways 650+ in 6 years is no joke...congrats!!

Aarti said...

avlo thaan matter!! leave those tags alone!! :)))