Saturday, July 20, 2013

P for - Prayer

2013 has been a very bad year for music industry.

So many of the yesteryear greats have breathed their last this year.

From Lalgudi Jayaraman to Ramamurthy to PBS to TMS to Vaali one after another the giants of music industry have commenced their onward journey to the place up above.

The heavenly orchestra has just been strengthened like never before. For one of the best lyricist and music composer and the best singers of all time all have gathered there at the same time. No wonder even the sound of thunder has a new raga tone to it nowadays. Maybe the gods themselves have grown so fond of these musicians that they have caused this unseasonal rain in Chennai, just to hear them out.

They may have taken a mortal form which has an expiry date written all over it the day it got formed. But their creations and music are nothing short of magic and are immortal.

A silent prayer for those great souls.


Ramesh said...



Anonymous said...

"sound of thunder has a new raga tone"- thats a nice touch. now shivaperuman will dance for these genius people music. (guessing you made wrong label)

~aiSh~ said...

'Prayer' ngara tag ku comply pannannum nnae indha bolg ezhudhina maathiri irukae :P

Anyway, yeah! romba urukkamana unmai :(