Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Irandaam Ulagam

One of the most awaited movie of the year, with the trailer raising the expectation manifold, starting comparisons to Avatar and music of Harris who as usual remixes his own hit tunes movie after movie had already ensured good songs. The movie had been in the making for so long with different set of cast being considered and discarded every now then with the notable ones including Danush and Andrea. The title itself carried a charm and considering the Selva's penchant for love stories, the expectations went further up. No wonder the movie crash landed.

I always dream about multi-verses. Ever since I read Carl Sagan's CONTACT, it has remained my all time favourite novel. The concept of someone similar to me rather same as me being out there on another universe, going through similar situations as mine and dealing with them all to differently makes it a heady feeling to imagine and as I mentioned in several other posts, time travel is something I really really wish for :) To go back and forth in time would be an amazing feeling.

Having said all this, the movie is an utter waste. Any can argue for the director but, the fact of the matter is still the same. Its a wonderful story and might've made it to the top seller shelf, very easily. But the screenplay is nauseating and the casting is total crap. Arya badly needs a dubbing professional to help his career, which seems to be taking off, if at all it should have a proper flight. He is all brawn and his acting is a no brainer in the movie. Anushka is an irritated character on both her roles and always has this look as if wondering why the hell I am in this movie. A totally wasted effort. Music, needless to say, same old tunes that we are already familiar with even before they are released. The graphics that looked awe inspiring on the trailers were nothing but Georgian skies painted in multi colour. Looks like Selva took his crew to Georgia and on the locations wrote whatever came to his mind as dialogues and framed the scenes. The conversations are bull crap and even an amateur can write better as compared to the seasoned Selva.

If at all one has to dig up for positives in the movie, there is one very interesting approach to the storyline. Its a love story, obviously, but from a girl's perspective. Its the heroine, who proposes first and woos the hero and she is the one who seems to roam with a  coterie, who even makes fun of the hero. This is something interesting and refreshing to see and hope it doesn't go the extent that soon we may've gana bala singing Tasmac songs with gals dancing in drunken stupor teasing boys!!!  The other aspect that I liked about the movie is the concept of love being introduced to the other world people. Its an aspect that could've been exploited brilliantly. The aliens are always showcased as people with hitech gadgets and gizmos. But rarely with any emotions. And humans teaching love to aliens is right up the alley of Steven Speilberg. And here is where Selva slips and what a slip it is!! If Mayakkam Enna was bad, this movie, makes it look like master class.

Gils verdict: Its a really really bad movie. But still compared to the bull crap of a movie like Azhaguraja, this I would say, a honest attempt gone bad because of lack of honesty. I am tempted to lift off the story line and write one of my own on a similar theme :)


Ramesh said...

Alternate universe Gilsu has the following qualities

- Never sees any Tamil movie
- Doesn't know the spelling of Mokkai
- Speaks only Swahili and does not know any Tamil
- Writes a blog called Similarity is the sugar of life
- Wears only a three piece suit to office

Waiting for a movies with kadhai, vasanam, direction, by this universe's Gils. That movie I shall definitely watch :)

gils said...

rotfl...thalai is thalai of comments :))