Saturday, June 22, 2013

L for - Lost

When you loose something that has been a part and parcel of you how do you react?


Ipdi adukikittay pogalam. Aprum postku content thetha mudiyama thaan ipdi line by line adikarengara unmai terinjidum.

Matter of the subject is, general tendency of reaction over a personal loss would be some or all of those listed above right? But I the felt overjoyed today over something that I realised lost from me.

6 years back on one fateful day I bought a corduroy jeans from a Live-in factory outlet. At that time itself it was a tight fit for me. I had worn it only a few times and after a while I outgrew the cloth :) (itha vida deejenta weight potutennu solla mudiathu nenakren :D )

Cut to circa yesterday.

After my sis complained to mom that something might have been dead or dying in my clothes bureau, mom raised red flag and I was given two choices - either to clean my bureau or to clean my bureau. Armed with enough ammo to tackle any alien substance that might rustled during operation cupboard clean, I rummaged through my dress shack and what else, but the same old corduroy's were the first one to tumble out. I threw it on to the bunch of clothes to be given away only to find them back on the bureau. Was stunned for a while at my forgetfulness and kept them away for the second time and was shocked to see them again inside my cupboard. This time it was followed by a stern voice, "Don't you dare throw them out". I argued with mom that they were never a comfortable fit even then and I wouldn't fit on them even half my size. She challenged me to try them once and threw them if my case is proved and went away. As you might've guessed already, they were a perfect fit!!
I was sweetly(sweetlessly rather..becoming calorie conscious you see) surprised to fin myself fit on to those very jeans and felt quite comfy too.

Back to the first line.

Loosing anything might definitely cause all those emotions and reactions listed above. But losing weight only brings in cheer. Time to ring in the old and try out those unwearables again. Yayy!! :))

P.S: oru pazhaya pant thirumba fit aanathuku ivlo alapparaiyaanu kekaravangaluku...weight potutu reduce panni parunga..appo thaan you will know what it means to transform from a "football-under- cricket ball" shape to something remotely human :)


Priya said...

weight potutu reduce panni parunga..

Reduce in ragasiyam dhan sollaliye!!!

Ramesh said...

Gilsu - Intha weight loss achievementukku motive ennannu ezhuthiruntha, L for unnuru word pathi therinjirukkum :)

Anonymous said...

ha.. ha...

Asha said...

:( enakku L for lost peace of mind. Leavla amma appa veetukku poi ukkandu saaptu saaptu naan weightaana party aiten :(

BTw enjoy the short phase of weight loss. Come march and you will start looking healthy(weight poduruthukku innoru degentaana per)

~aiSh~ said...
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~aiSh~ said...

Your blogs are one of those things to look forward to :) So lighthearted :)