Saturday, September 28, 2013

Indian sports and ancient curse

No wonder sports in India never takes off. Look at the awards instituted for the stream. The highest award that a coach gets is the Dhrona award and the sportsperson qualifies for a Arjuna. Two of the most controversial figures when it comes to teaching/learning. A guru - who was so partial to his student that he spoiled the life of another, probably more devoted than the former, by getting his thumb chopped off. Maybe the former student prince, paid more fees (!!) and the latter being OC graakki lead to the result? If Ekalavya had paid tuition fees would he still have underwent such a treatment?? or would there have been a change of heart? IMHO, ekalavya scores heads and shoulders above arjuna when it comes to guru bakthi and skill level rivalling the warrior prince, the award should ideally be named after him. May be the concept of naming the award as Arjuna, could be more related to the role that the prince played down the story and no doubt per the story, his deeds are praiseworthy. But his glory was built on the ashes of the sacrifices made by the poor kid Ekalavya. With a little stretch, i would even blame the wretched state of sports in india to the curse of ekalavya.


Ramesh said...

That is an interesting take - I hadn't though about it that way before and trust you to come with an unique angle.

Of course, the sorry state of Indian sport is entirely due to Rajalakshmi mami exhorting her children to (padi, padi) and terrorising them if they try to go to the playground.

Nice to see you blogging post the A to Z marathon :)

gils said...

thanks thala :D