Review time

Feels like a million year before the last review post :)
Naan enna panrathu..usuala pathu padam paatha athula onnu review podra alavukku interestinga irukkum. Ippolaam I am watching almost daily one movie. Irunthum..onnu kooda thera maatenguthu. But been observing one very dangerous trend. Atha pathi polamba thaan intha post.

Last week was having usual lunch arattai when one of the saga arrataiyaalar was in so much kushi that he was all smiles. Ennada maaternu visaaricha..thangamani enjoyyyy. Athaavathu his wife has apeeted to her parents place for vacation with kids. So thalaivar was in full josh. Antha kedaikaamala kedaitha free timea epdi use"full"a  celebrate panrathunnu there was heavy diskassan. Ivangalaam senthaa vera ennatha pathi pesa poraanga..antha aal veetla thanni adikaratha illa..vera pasanga veetla kutcheriaya vachukarathaanu thaan panjaayathu.

What shook me was the casualness with which they were discussing about the drinks party. Its almost a fashion statement now to visit tasmac. And weekend majalenthu office party varaikkum..ithu pona treatlenthu veena ponavanga meet varaikkum...sagalamum thanni mayam. Munnalam soga scenela, eeramaana shirt poatutkitu hero thanni adipaan, ipolaam opening scenelenthu comedy scene varaikkum athey location thaan. Unless the government wakes up fast to this menace and announces tax break for movies devoid of drinking scenes it wouldn't be much of a surprise if TN turns out to be drunkards paradise. Aana oru naal renvuevay hundreds of crores varachay why they would kill the cash cow. Evan kudi ketta enna. Adutha electionku tasmacla freeya sarakku kudukara party thaan jeyikka poguthu.

Drinking is no longer taboo. Smoking came out of that ring long time back. Live in relations are next vying for contention. What was considered as morals few decades back have all long been dead and buried and what more to say when the story of good getting ridiculed and made a mockery of, that which goes on to become blockbuster hit of a noir comedy (Soodhu kavvum). People used to crib about morals and principles and the lack of it amongst current crop a while back and looks like they've pretty much given all hope and embraced the life of no scruples with open hands. Its ok to have your kids not study well, as long as they can dance like mad and choreograph in any one of the umpteen crapies churned day in and day out in some crappywood or croon all vulgar and abuse in the name of lyrics as long as they get to sing for NRI's spread all over or in some god-knows-where sabha's. As long as they are capable of earning, how the money comes hardly matters. I don't care where this will lead to or how it will end. I am very much part of all this nonsense and the moral high ground I am posting this from is buried several stories below this very crap. time sollitu verum polambal mattum thaana. Sambrathaayathuku oru review also me the puttings from the order most recently watched to last.

Paandiya Naadu -  Oru Naan mahaan alla hit aaidichinu athay maava innum evlo herova vachu araikaratha plan mr.Susi? Athey saathu hero...paatha udanay love panra heroine..konjam cute love story...loveisthaanu family...oru relation gets killed by villain..saathu hero pazhi vaangings. Oray twististhaanu being ithula appa character also trying to kill villain but unable to. Mothathula ratha very illati oorla usiru pozhaikka mudiaathungaratha rendu padathula solli hit adichirukeenga. Vaazhthukkal.

Vanakkam Chennai - Intha padathuku en vanakkam Chennai nu title vachangannu oru patti mandramay nadathalam. Paatu nallarukkay padam theridumooonnu nambi mosam pona palarla naanum oruthanngratha perumaiya sollikaren. Siva...unakku neram sari illaya..illa un padatha continuousa pathu bulb vaangara engalukkaanu therila. Mirchila ethukum resume anuppi vachukkappu. Seekrama potti kata vendirukkum. Santhaanamku yaarachum comedy thaandam panna vendia nelamaila irukaruppu. uhumm..Evlo izhuthaalum vandi nagara matenguthu.

Varutha padaatha vaalibar sangam - Kathai irukka..comedy irukka. karuthu irukka..Ethukumay varuthapatta mathiri therila. Sivakarthikeyan silapala punch click aagidum. Imaan vachu rendu paattu thethidalam. Mathabadi...padam titleaye thaan varutham about anything. Ipolam padikara pullaingala vida ooothaari thanama ootha kalar ribbon pinaadi suthara payalugalukku thaan graakki. Naan sollaleenga..hit aana padam elaam itha thaan solluthu.

Lone ranger - Venaam...oray the alaugaachi coming. Johnny Deppkada oru pathu roova ok..micha 110 rubees Hollywood kittenthu reimbursement vaanganum.

Naan review podrathukullaye neria padam TVlaye poattu punniyatha thedikitaanga. Innum oru 14 padam download seiyappatuu paakarathukaga waiting. So me rommmbaa biccciiiyeee...appalikka catch you in another mokkai post. Ippothaikku apeetu ...vartaa..


mahesh said…
Boss I am coming to your house with my external hard-drive and copying the movies :)
Asha said…
Innum ippa dhan varuthpadada valibar sangam partheengala?

Amam illa.... ippo neenga romba busy.

Lunch box parkalaiya?

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