Sunday, September 08, 2013

W for- World of kids

 Kids, like economic classification, segregate themselves into upper class - the brighter ones, middle class - the average ones and lower middle class - the borderliners. The brighter ones, even if they dont manage to get a job on their line of study get into teaching what they were good at studying. The borderliners have the whole world ahead of them and more often than not their best bet turns out to be the last reserve of the front benchers - teaching. And some make very interesting teachers too, making up for what they couldnt grasp as students. Its the middle classers, literally and figuratively who are always stuck between the rock and hard place. They struggle to reach the heights of those ahead of them and also struggle to stay ahead of those behind them. In this forever struggle, those poor kids never get to enjoy anything at all. They are everywhere. They try to get in whichever job they could. They slog their butts off at work and forever keep running just to stay on course on their imaginary race. These are not generic statements. These are what i've seen happening to my class mates. The most interesting one being, my class topper and the guy who flunked out on the major subjects, both working on the same company. The topper guy having secured senior rank and the latter slogging his way through. End of the day, they both make money and both are on same place, a place that ideally should've been driven through to on the strength of what they learnt in their formative years.

Teachers dayvum athuvuma oor ulagam poora teachersa kondaaditu iruku...ithenna sambandhamay ilama oru postunu thinkinga...ivangalta maatikitu muzhiakra kidskaga oru day kooda ila polarukkay..elaam antha feeling thaan. Happy students day makkas :) varushathula oru naal venumna ivangaluku irunthutu pogatum..but micha 364 days studentsku thaan :)


Anonymous said...

Brighter, Average & lower are based some single format.. every child is special in thier own way. its the failure of parents and teachers to identify right choice for them. fish cannot run like tiger & elephant cannot swim like fish which one is brighter, average & lower here.. everyone brighter in thier own form.. i plead all parents & teachers to think out of commercial race.

Ramesh said...

Ha Ha - nice way to applaud Teacher's Day !!