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T for - The story of M

Ithu oru sutta pazham post. Its the story of M, as written by his wife. M is a good friend of mine and his life story is pakka padaiyappa script :) Being the 650th post in Supershanki..thought..will make it special by posting about a special person with the script from his own special person :))

Strong,  confident, young and cheery.. how else can i describe about him??  Until  he turned  19, his  life was same as others.   He had the time of his life, when he was in college.  . Being the youngest, MR.M was the “tharuthalai” of the family.  Somehow, he managed to pass the degree in Catering without any arrears. As far as he was concerned he had done the best.  His father and himself were made to believe that, joining Maritime course will help him to seek job in shipping, which turned out to be fake. Having no other option he  continued in the same industry after college.  He struggled for three years on what turned out to be the worst phase of his career, on his very first job itself. Still he braved on, high on the hopes of proving himself one day.

Even today, when he  talks about these experiences he never regrets for that part of his life. He forever in debt to his younger brother, who once while passing by his workplace wanted to meet him and upon witnessing M’s plight at his work place, broke into tears and immediately arranged for a job for him in Insurance sector., M’s  father also felt very guilty that he himself has ruined his son's life by making such a poor decision. Not just for me,  M’s story will be  a good motivator for anyone who wants to come up on their own in  life. I, for one, feels so proud to have such a brave hearted man in my life.

Everyday, i  watch him handle different kind of tense situations, be at home or in office
so coolly and composed. Never does he allow the circumstances to change his mood or lose temper.
When he joined Aviva Insurance company, he was brilliant in capturing people through his words, which was not  a difficult task for him in achieving his target but, in the long run people started to run away from him for the fear of him coercing them into getting insurance.

Through one of his school mates he was able to join an international company in an HR department,  where he started his career in night shifts.  He was being  paid more by the insurance company when he took the offer from the MNC, which was actually offering him less. . It was a make or break decision and this time he made the right one. He didn't want to let go off the opportunity to work in software and joined the MNC  He worked very hard and dedicated the next 4.5 years of his life in that company to make himself strong enough to survive in his newly chosen field.  From there he switched to few other companies and now will you believe he is into IT and is no less than
anyone who has come from an engineering background.  He giggles when anyone asks are you an MCA or MBA.

I am proud to be in his life and i also know that he is highly inspired by his beloved father.  He accepts all the hard days and takes them up as a challenge and i am sure with  this kind of attitude in any man or a women they are bound to be successful in their life.


Aarti said…
Saar oru doubt- why the title T for... story of M?

This is a sema trait in a person "Never does he allow the circumstances to change his mood or lose temper."!! good luck to M, the tharuthalai :D

Asha said…
OMG! 650!!

"Blogsvillin mudi soodada mannar"= Gils

gils said…
The starts with T :D atha en yaarm no the accept :D @rt

nanri nanri nanri :D @asha
Avada Kedavra said…
650! congrats Gils! your friend M is truly inspirational. Good luck to him!

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