Saturday, July 06, 2013

N for - Nalla varuvadaa nee..#yaarukko

Than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha vikramaadhithan....

Ipdithaan ella vikram vethaalam stories start aagum. Every story would be different and every twist unique and vikram solara every justification and theerpu would be different. Aanaa ..starting eppovumay same.

Intha kathailayum kitta thatta apdi thaan..aana oray diparance ennanaa end result also always same.

"Gils..thayavu senju opice kku timeku vaa" - says the vikramaathithan of the damager.

"Baas...eppo vanthalum athu oru time thaanay baaasss" - says u-know-who, who promptly reaches opice sharp at 12.
"This is twenty much..ozhungu mariathaiya..come by 10.30 tomorrow"
Next day gils reaches opice early and promptly meets the damager to proclaim the claim to fame.

"Dei..opice vara timeaada ithu" damager in full kovams.

"Baass..ithelaam aniyaayam...I am half and hour early than yesterday"
"adapavi...10.30ku vara sonen..11.30ku vanthutu half hour earlynu koosama solriye..nee one hour late da"
" half empty..half full nu itha thaan periavanga sollirukaanga..."
"seri..nethu mail anuppirunthene..yen reply pannala"
"neenga thaana baaas...reply panna koodathu solirutheenga"
"??naan engada sonen"
"athaan mailla potruntheengalay.."Don't reply all" nu..avlo perusa..bold underlinelaam panni potaprumum unga pecha naan meeruvena"
"adai...reply all pannatha naa yaarukkumay reply poda maatiya....unnalam vachitu..."
Before he goes ballistic gils rushes away from that place.

Hmmmm....oru appavi intha olagathula evlolaam kustapada vendi irukku..enna pannalum kuthamngraangayyaa...avvvvvvvvvvvvvvv


Ramesh said...

Ha ha ha. Gilsu the dream employee.

Fushtly, antha damagerukku Padma Bhushan kodukkanum

Shecondly, original MGR starrer pathirikkuringala. Movie review kaanume ?

Vincy said...

Gilsu, You remind me of one of my reportee's ( i mean an ex-reportee and a good friend). He used to come late every single day. nothing worked with him. he will step into office only after 10.30 am and had no qualms about being questioned on that. It was a joke not just in our function, but was a commonly known fact across all divisions. I was fed up and stopped wasting my energies on hsi late coming.

The best part was, he had invited the team for his wedding, and since it was a remote place no one turned up from the team and as a faithful RM, i was the only one attending the function. The highlight was he turned up late for his wedding :-) :-) :-) and i was there an hour earlier than him and it became a bigger joke :-)

We both are in different organisations now, and we are still in touch. To the question, do you go to office on time, he says.. I will never change Vincy. Unga kitta work pannum bodhu mattum thaan naan correctaa vandhen.. ippo i reach office only after 11.00 or 11.30 am :-) :-)

gils said...

:D:D movie review podra alavuku nalla padam inum pakala...wl post one soon


en inam :D 10.30 latea!!! nalla vela neenga en manager ila :D

Aarti said...

heheh.. intha conversation nerla keteina, athanala it was double fun reading again :D