Friday, December 20, 2013

Conjuring - review

It always beats me to wonder why people like to get scared?!!! Why is that people knowingly go for rides in the name of adventure and thrill? Is there a definitive line between thrill and scary? Is it just the adrenaline rush or the false sense of bravado that their heart can withstand sudden surges of beat, with blood rushing through their body, sending a cold chill up everywhere? Where not the very same people spend the rest of their lives in search for peace and calm and happiness? Is it the one of scenario where they want to taste the other side? If its one off case, I cannot understand the presence of thriving innumerable thrill parks and blockbuster scary movies.

Horror has been a successful genre in itself and has often tested the darker side of human psyche. Even atheists who deny god, bound to get scared of ghosts, which I guess is totally oxymoronic. For those who deny existence of positivity, how can they allow negativity to scare them?? Horror movies of the past where more of skin fest with scantily clad heroines, drenched in rain/mud/blood/gore (not necessarily in same order) getting thrashed around by ghosts, only to outlast(??) them in the end for a end credits liplock with the hero. Samayathula ithuku antha peiye paravalangara mathirithaan heroes irupaanga. Athennanu puriala. All pei pada heroines look good. But never the hero. Pen endraal peiyum iranganumngarathuku reason ithaano??

Off late or probably since "Paranormal activity" became a hit, horror movies have been more brainy and grainy. Meaning- the pei's have become more brainier. They don't get tamed just by reading bible and throwing holy water alone. Nor do they listen to all kinds of chakrams on colourful and complex rangoli kolams with jadaa mudi tantriks mouthing god knows which manthram. And the scenes in movies. that which are usually accompanied by leading music of screeching violins which used to give a headsup about the arrival of pei's have also undergone a change. Its the other way round now. All silent when the ghost makes an appearance and the sudden rise in tempo will surely send the blood pressure rates sky high.

Moonu para aadicihi innum kathai pathi solalaiyengareengala. Avvvvvvvvvv. I had been warned by many about this movie. And oru throgi even wanted to watch it on theatre. Have never been a big fan of pei padams for I hate to get scared. I watch movies very closely and for this very reason I avoid such horror thriller flicks on theatre. It really scares the wit out of me and mind keeps visiting the scenes again. So was waiting for a decent print of the movie and saw it few days back. I was down with fever the very next day, which I believe was not because of the movie, with due credit to that irritating kezham who kept sneezing behind me while standing on jam packed queue in Meeanakshi temple. The movie is so scary that, I may never clap again. My friend claims, ever since she saw the movie, walk in cupboards have begun to haunt her. Pei makes appearance pretty late into the movie and after the initial tease of a show, it makes its full fledged presence felt towards the last 45 minutes. Eppaa saaami!!! You can easily say its the "Exorcist" of our times.

I was watching it on mute and for majority of the scenes was watching with ora kanna and still got stunned. Imagine the same on theatre!!!

Gils verdict - Must watch for horror movie lovers.


Ramesh said...

How come ivalavu timu - to watch one movie every day ????????????

Innikki rathri pei coming and scarifying Gilsu at precisely 2.13 AM

Anonymous said...

ha....Nice Review...FIN 370 Individual Assignment