Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kalyana samayal saadham - review

A bold topic. That would be an universal opinion of whoever watches this movie I guess. That its the third movie on trot that I've seen which is heroine oriented to a major extent is another interesting aspect about it. The theme was very English/Hollywoodish and probably could be remade in English as a very decent addition to the American Pie series. The hero discovers he has ED problem while trying to do "thappu" with heroine before marriage. What follows next are series of howlarious attempts by the hero and his gang of well wishers (that includes his mamanaar as well!!) to get his problem fixed. Forget about double meaning dialogues and double entendres. Inga ellamay direct meaning thaan. Stand up comedy couldn't have been taken more wittier, literally :D The way the hero stands up (sic) for heroine in getting the wedding venue shifted is a witty twist and cute. The way she takes up the issue lightly is too filmy for the chemistry or the love between the lead pair is not deeply established. Forget about the heroine accepting the hero for his issue, that the FIL not only accepts it but goes on to help him is something which is not believable at all. Same goes for near the climax beach wedding. Doesn't gel with the rest of the movie. "Mella sirithaai" song is brilliantly picturised with cute and apt Facebook lingo. Slowly and surely Kollywood is waking up to the aspect of promoting their pictures. Still miles to go compared to Bollywood. But its surely on the rise. I believe the recent, Raja Rani, movie scored mainly because of the way it was marketed and promoted.
Overall a very short movie. Could've been sweeter and more funnier and dialogues could've been helped with bit more depth in them.

Gils verdict: One time watch. Wait for it go live on Vijay TV this Christmas.


Asha said...

Oh releaseda? will wait for the christmas day.

Ramesh said...

enna movie saar ithu ?? :)