Saturday, August 17, 2013

S for - saithaan kee bachaa

Namma oor makkaluku hindi teriathungaratha vachu egapatta per nakkaladichitrupanga/kanga. Recent one being Chennai express movie. Aaana hindikaranga Inga vanthu sikki seerazhiyaratha pathi avlo impactfula oru padam innum varalainu thaan thonuthu.

Anyways..last weekla busla poitrunthapo, came across a surprising scene. One kudimagan, was loitering on the footboard. Conductor patiently asked him to step in to the bus. He got irritated and showed his 50 rs ticket and claimed that he is not travelling without ticket. The logic mismatch was evident of his state of mind. Conductor cajoled him saying, he looked like his younger brother and patiently asked him to take a seat. The guy relented under the "love attack" and sat inside. I was pleasantly surprised. Usuala, even if I had been in the position of the conductor, would've given one tight slap and would've kicked the guy out for putting his life and others in jeopardy. And that this guy was at his patience best was a happy experience.

Suddenly there was a commotion.

One Oriya family was arguing loudly with the conductor that he had given them wrong change. They were supposed to be given 8 rs while they had been given only 2 rs. They were two of them and had taken a ticket each. Ithennada visu pada kanakku mathri irukkay nu was wondering and watching the scene. The conductor tried to talk to them in broken hindi and they laughed at him and replied in English. He simply said "ticket turn karo".

Matter is..those manga madayans had bought 9rs ticket and had seen it upside down. Seri, ticketla tamilla print upside downside teriathu vachukalam. Sidela vara numbers koodava note pannamaatanga. The conductor gave them an earful in tamil and those guys who were so arrogant were blushing in shame.

Itharuku thaan..sollin selvar simbu andrayy paadinaar...

"Vanthaarai vaazha vaikkum oooru...aaadina aapu vaikkum paaru"

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Vincy said...

:-) :-) so true...
There was this article in Hindu that was titled Mythical Madrasi. It speaks of how the nation above the vindhya makes stereotypes of the south indians who they term as Madrasis. I loved the last bit of this article. It goes like this..
" The Madrasi is a Hindi cinema myth that continues to live on. Yes, exaggerated accents, conservative attitudes and goons who look like savages could be employed for humour in cinema but if they want us to laugh — with them and not at them — they really need to work on the joke!" :-) :-)