Thursday, September 05, 2013

U for - U turn indri ulle vaa

Few years back, when in banglore, my roomies were on one kshethradam spree and were temple hopping like anything. Forgot the name of that temple...was it ragi malt? ragi mount? it was near Woodlands hotel. My roomie had a pulsar and he his driving skills will put death well circus rider to shame. Wheelay illaama kooda wheeling pannuvaan. Typical banglore driver. He can crawl in and out of any traffic and hardly a day passed without him getting caught by some traffic police or other. At each signal they will seize his licence. Ithukaga "Saami" vivek rangeku will always carry four five copies of his licence. Andhrala ivanku fake licence print adikarathukaga oru small scale industrye iyakkitrukaannu vera arasal purasala kelvi. On that fateful day I was the pillion rider when the police caught him.

By the look he identified him to be an IT guy. He started listing out the rate card.

Microsoft hogi- Six hundred and fifty rubeees
IBM hogitho Four hundred

It took a while for me to realise that, he is telling the penalty based on our place of work. The other two roomies who also got caught on their over speeding bike were bargaining to reduce the amount and ended up paying two hundred. Our traffic police was oray the arguing. My roomie showed his empty wallet and still that guy was reciting his rate card. Finally he turned to me and started oppichifying the same list.

"Microsoft na 650..IBM na 400..."


Before I could complete "..kaasu illa"

"Oh Sathayam computers....ok..go go..."

Sathyam was in the news for all the wrong reasons courtesy one Mr.Raju about whom ee kaakka kooda kavala padratha theriala.

Anyways...Sathayam ku vantha sathiya sothanainaala anniki kappam kattaama escape aanom. Aaana vidhi valiyathunu seekramavay prove pannithu.

Enna pannithunu adutha postal solren :)


Anonymous said...

mokka Gils, as usual... mathavanga adutha series ezhudharanga... ivar innum 5 post bakki! V for Vidhya va?? illa naan yaar pathi nu sollala, naana, neeya illa avangala nu :P :P

Ramesh said...

Ha Ha ha.

Not sure what to laught more at - the traffic cop incident of "ragi malt" temple :):):)