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The question - part 2




"aaha..ulaga athisayama seekrama vantene...enga ukkararathu.." Ram starts scanning for a place to sit.
"hmm...romba orangatti seat paatha already pala thadava ushaar panna try pannirupano nu doubt varumo...natta nadula seat pudicha privacy irukathay..epdi pesarathu...intha seat a/c ku directa keezha irukku..namakkau nalla naallaye naaku thallum..ithula ivan vera antartica effectla temperature set pannirukaanay...pesama ninnukittay irupom..antha ponnu vanthu enga sollutho anga ukkanthiralam...avvvvvvv...ponnu select panratha vida seat select panrathu peria kodumaiya irukkay...intha imsaikku thaan earlya vara koodathu solrathu..."

Ipdilaam egapatta mindvoice mandaikulla oditrukarapothaan he realised.."aaaha...per thaana theriyum...aal theriathay..enniko photo paathathu...atleast phonelayachum save pannirukalam...number save panena" while searching his contacts he gets a call from some new number.

" it Ram"

"Aaama..neenga yaar pesarathu"

"I am Kaushiki..."

"Adada...englishlaye badil sollirukanumo...oor naattan pola pesitomay" nu nenachavaaray..."Yeah Kaushiki...tell me..where are you now"

"Actuala sorry solla thaan koopten..paathi vazhila vandi mucker mechanic shop now...already late aaiduchu..very sorry..will try to come as early as possible"

" problem...enga irukeenga ipo...naan varatuma? you need help?"

"Sweet of worries..vandi almost ready..will reach in ten...bye nga"

"Sutham..edachum order panni saapdalama...paathi saaptunu irukarachay vantaana theeni pandaram nenachukitaanna...idea...pakkathu cafe la poitu saaptu vanthiralam.." Ram came out of the cafe and went to the next juice shop near by.

@the counter

In the already crowded shop, the attendant girl knocks a really big glass of juice on Ram.
"Oops..sorrynga...achucho..unga shirtlalam spill aaidichi...very sorry"

Gritting all of his 64 teeth yet managing a smile Ram replied "its ok..venumntu panuvangala"
The supervisor of the shop starts admonishing the girl in public only for Ram to intervene and settle things. When the supervisor offered him complimentary food on the house, he politely declined and settled into a comfortable corner with menucard, watching replay of an Indian cricket team victory on Star Sports.

Seeing the girl visibly shaken by the events, often stealing a sorry look at his direction, he called for the girl.

"Sorry sir.."

"Hello..order eduthukareengalanu koopta sorryngareenga..appo order eduthuka mateengala"

"Aio illa sir..sorry sir..i mean sorry for the juice.."

"shabaa..mudiala innum unga sorry puranam..kottina juice kaanju poi half hour aaguthunga..."

The girl bit back the quick smile and asked him for his order

"Do you've anything on date?"

She mistook it as him asking her for a date and stood stiff.

"Pardon sir"

"Ada...intha paereecham pazham poattu juice item edachum irukaaa keten...aaha...englishla ketta vambaaidum polarukkay"

This time unable to control, she started laughing. The supervisor who passed by gave a curious glance and went ahead.

"Unga per enna nu ....kekkalaamna muraikareenga...atleast feedback formla kandapadi thitti ezhuthavachum pin ipdilam kanda edathula kuthi vachikatheenga...aprum ungaluku thaan prachanai"

"Adapavi...oops..sorry name is Priya"

"Priya...what? or What Priya?"

"Vaathumilla kozhiyumilla..Just priya"

"Aaaha..en paatukkaey esapaatta...usualla per vachu naan thana mokka poduven" Before he could ask anything further his phone ringed. Then only he realized his purpose for visiting the place. He quickly settled the bill and rushed out.

"Yenna Priya...nee oothina juice vida antha aal un kitta romba oothikitu irunthaan pola" asked the supervisor

"Apdilam ila sir..sorry sir..crowdla yaaro enkita misbehave pananga..athula thaan balance poidichi"

"Nee kottina juicekum serthu bill potrunthaalum antha aal pay pannirupaan"

"Paatha apdi therila sir..he was decent"

"Adhaan vantha udanay thaan avanoda girl friend nyabagam vanthu adichikitu odinatha"

"Girl frienda..ungalukepdi theriyum"

"Pakkathu cafela thaan ponaananga avanga rendu perum"


"Ok..sounds not ok..enna matter madam?"

Without responding she attended to the call from her allotted table, diverting her disappointment into her duty.

- To be answered


Ramesh said…
This is becoming an intricate story. Serial mathiri daily padikanumma ?

Me thinking konjam autobiographical kalai theriyuthu :):)
mahesh said…
Sooper :) andha cafe ponnu ai seriya irundhurpa :)
mahesh said…
Sorry confusions of the constipation - I meant Priya not Kaushiki :)
gils said…
@thala : hehehe..dailylaam podra alavukulaam illa..will finish in lorry onnumilla..summanachiki oru imagination

@mages: pirila..waat telling u?
Asha said…
why dont you write for Write india....fiction contest....seriously telling....will send you the link just in case you not aware.
gils said…
avlolaam worthillai..irunthalum link kudunga..athulenthu ethachum topic sikkutha paakren :D

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