Friday, April 01, 2016

Parody called sports

"So..did you saw the match yesterday"

Whenever India wins or loses a key match, be it the semis or quarters or the very rare and occasional finals appearance, this would be the question on every lips. (Note: Every refers to followers of cricket. And it doesnt cover the Naan- goli- gilli- thavira- vera- edhuvum- paakamaaten- how- can- you- generalise- my- clan- into- your- "every" crowd. Vara vara posta vida disclaimers perusa poda vendirukku.)

The question is the equivalent of "Ganga snaanam aacha" on Diwali day or "Ponga paana vachacha" on sankaranthi. Such is the madness for the game that, during the match time, major cities in the country forget its mad rush routine and stops short to catch a breather of excitement, paradoxically. The adrenaline rush from the restricted confines of the stadium more than makes up for the mad max races on road.

Now that India has lost, kudos that they did put up a good total to defend whilst their attempts at defending came a cropper, it no longer leaves that churn in tummy when the newspaper headlines scream bloody murder at the loss. No longer does it leave a sinking feeling to watch them stumble in the semis and it more feels like, one match less to watch. The expectation of wanting the team to win every game they play is no longer there, is the reason for such a change in mindset. More than making it a do-or-die scenario, creating mental havoc on public and players alike, had the match been seen as a one-off bilateral series, maybe the question on line one wouldnt have been the focus of this post. Sports section in newspapers deserve stories, tragic or victorious. They need heroes and more than that they need villains/victims who stumble unable to cope up with the pressure.

Sporting gesture no longer is associated with sign of positivity as the gestures made on field often are cause of reprimands and suspensions. No one takes a game gamely and sportsperson are equated with gladiators and warriors making epics out of yet another game.

But what is life if not for these little eccentricities and enjoyments. To each their own poison.

P.S: avvvvvvvvvvv....epdilaam post poatu manasa thethikka vendirukku..paradesi pasanga aniayama thothutaanga. No ball poatta kaala vettanumnu kovathoda postaren


Ramesh said...

Phirst time sports post aa ?

Gilsu batsmanaa bowleraa ?

gils said...

fielder :D ball boyngaratha dejenta telling

Asha said...

ponga pa.. oru vatti thotha enna? Be a sport...participation is important...hehehe...appdinu daan naan manssu thethuven

gils said...

avvvvvvvvv....baked pun no pin paaiching