Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Game of Thrones

"Naalai mudhal kudikka maaten...sathiyamadi thangam" nu sollitu daily sarakadikaravan mathiri, i keep insisting that i've seen the last of my drama series, only for the list to get newer additions.

Have been hearing about GoT a lot over a really long while and had been resisting the temptation all along. Some of my friends who started watching the series, dropped off midway, stating they couldnt quite follow the storyline. But those who continued, well, that's a different feeling to cherish altogether as, yours truly, falls in that category.

I've often wondered how the European kingdoms would've been. Their lifestyles, culture, art, warfare, relationships, strategies and tactics. Compared to Indian counterparts, they've all been pretty low lifes bordering on primitive has been my unshakable mindset. While our guys were busy establishing their foot hold across the world, empowering masses, building magnificent structures and literally creating history, the Europeans have been known for their barbaric nature. Its not my prejudice that's is talking but i am merely stating the facts made known. Against such a backdrop i started watching GoT.

The first thing that struck me was the magnitude of the amount spent on production. Each episode was nothing short of a Hollywood movie in itself. There were more outdoor scenes than those in set and even the sets have been nothing short of fantastic with amazing CG to compliment. Next was the storyline. True to my belief, it is brutal and almost validates the picture that i had visualized of medieval Europe. The final clincher being the unabashed hero destruction by the author. Whenever there are few episodes in which a certain character warms up to the audience, the viewers would be forced to held their breath only for the inevitable to happen. The author, obviously not a fan of hero worship, makes sure that any character that is seen to reach cult following, dies the goriest of deaths possible towards the end of the season. With each possible contender for the throne getting chopped and churned right from the first season, it piques everyone's interest to see who is that worthy of the iron throne. Another plus that i note for the series is the strong write up and scintillating dialogues. It probably has derived the best out of author based series on the lines of Harry potter and LOTR. I was sold on the below conversation.

"Which is or five" asks Robert Barraetheon to Cersei.
"Five of course your grace" replies Cersei
He makes a fist out his right hand and spreads all five fingers on his left and asks "Now tell me..which is stronger"

Whistle.Claps..hooot hooot. I saw it few months back. The scene still prevails on mind whenever i think of it.Such a powerful message. So simply told. WOW.

My personal favorite is the Stark family, of the several families vying for the throne. Though the Starks don't implicitly fight for the thrones, they are the good guys of the lot who gets killed season after season with only  a few characters left now. Next in line comes Danerys Targariyen. If there is one thing i hate its the names of the characters. Bloody difficult to pronounce and type. She is the mother of the dragons and YES. There are dragons in this story. With war in almost every alternate episode and how classically they have all been shot is a treat to watch. There are animals that talk, people who can do "koodu vittu koodu paayrathu", black magic, zombies, chivalry, love, deceit, madness, bravery, you name it you got it. There is this person Peter Dinklage who appears as Tyrion Lannister. He is a dwarf by birth and plays a similar role. At present he is in the running for people's favorite. With season 6 about to begin, there is every major doubt if he would live to see the season finale.

Entha languagea irunthalum..raaja raani kathais are always interesting. Eagerly waiting for the fresh instalment.


Rat said...

lol true.. raja rani kathais are always interesting but with equally impressive story line and settings, it is a pleasure to watch. GoT is one such series and my favorite characters are Tyrion, Jon Snow and Arya. I am waiting for the next season. :)

​​A​​ R​​​​a​​t'​​s​ ​Nibble ​​​​​

gils said...

hey.welcome here.. :)

Ramesh said...

Gilsu - I think I know some Tamil and I also think I know some English, but intha postla paathi vaarthey onnume puriyaliye .... GoT, CG, LOTR, ennasaar ithu ellam ?

gils said...

GoT - Game of Thrones
CG- computer Graphics
LOTR- Lord of the Rings

heheheh....lighta somberithanam to type in full