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Ettu Etta blog posta padichiko
Ipo entha hospitalil admit aagiruka terinjiko
Ikkada raa raa raamaiyaaa
800 post poatachu raamaiyaa

Hehehehe....My dear makkas and makkis...kitta thatta oru pathinoru varushathuku munnaadi..yarumay illatha kadaiya aatha aarambicha tea...innikum..athey positionla irunthaalum...inbetween gapla oru 800 posts thaandidichi. Ithukaana muzhu mudhar kaaranam, kandippa oc la net connection kuduthu officela blog open aaga allow panra admin punniyavaangalaye saarum. As a patron, sila pala perai ingey kuripitaaga kadamai pattirukiren.

First - Thala Ramesh. Ivar comment podatha ennoda postay illa solalam. Of the 170K hits..he should be credited with a major portion of it. Oru commentukum innoru commentukum idaila evlo post irunthalum...athelam evlo kolaveri mokkaiya irunthalum..padichi comment podra punniyavaan. Avaroda perunthanamaikku en siru siram thaazhthi nanri. Ipdilam usupethi uda aal irukarathala thaan kadai innum oduthungarathu side matter

Mister mages - sameeba kalama sikkirukara adutha appracenti vaasagar.Ivaroda english pulamaikku equivalent mister shesu paiyar mattumay. Irunthaalum..intha thanglish blog padichi karuthu kooruvar. avarukkum mikka nanri.

Micha perlaam yaar padikaranga ennanay theriala saami aana hit count mattum pozhuthukku 30 40 hits kaatuthu. Pora poakkula padichitu comment podama ess aagara idhara vaasagaas..ungalukum nanri.

Innum ethana naaliki kadai odum therila. Odra varaikkum ungal othuzhaippu thevai atharkana advance nandrigal :)


mahesh said…
Yay :) honoured to be mentioned by Gils in his 800th post.

Janmam saphalyam aayiduthu :)

Here's wishing you many more fun-filled posts :)

800 posts ku oru Haywards 8000 oda celebrate pannalama :) ?

gils said…
haywardnulam waywarda pesapdathu..ithu u certipikate blog :)
Asha said…
Whoa.... 800 posts.... a great task gils....neria party tharanum when i come to MAdras. Congratulations and .wishing you the best to reach 8000...march on..!
Asha said…
And yes you are right about person who leaves comment on every post.
gils said…
avvvvvvvvv...mannichu...ungala miss panniten :D
Ramesh said…
Big congratulations Gilsu. You are a star blogger. Very easy to comment on every post of yours; they are always interesting and very educative. After all I have learnt about the existence of Asin, Kalki, ..... only from here :):):)

Best wishes for everything. May your blog go on for ever - 8000 posts and counting as Mahesh says.
Venkat said…
Un blogla irunthu ov oru bita uruvi copy adicha 4, 5 padame edukalam. umakku 800 ellam oru matere illa. neer kai vachaa keyboard kathakali aaduthu, kannu vacha monitor mimic pannuthu. kuthala aruvi vathunalum umma karpanai nikkama oduthu. mugam theriyatiyum vaalthu solla lesa etho oru connection irukathan seiyuthu.
gils said…
@thala: danku :D:D athu yaaru kalaki?!!! vera yaar bloglayo coaching poreengala :D

@venkat: avvvv...nanri nanri :))

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