Sunday, April 10, 2016


"Hey...ennada semmaya weight potuta"
"Hey...epdida ipdi weight loose panna...back to gym?"

These are otherwise normal questions but since they are being mentioned in this post, obviously they are not, as they were both asked to me on the same day, but of course by different people.

The first questioner was a friend who met me after a small gap of six months. We bumped into each other in Citi Center and the pleasant engagement began with this very question on my weight. How nice it always feels to meet people so concerned about your waistline and weight. It literally moves me to tears. Self promise.

While we were talking about what we missed in past 6 months on each others life, came in the second questioner, who has been meeting me after a really long while. Not sure if the first guy noticed, the question again was on my weight but the reaction totally different.

Dont know if its a common occurrence, but it happens to me often which leaves me confused if i should reduce weight or regain. Vikram, Kamalhasan ku aprum ivlo frequenta weight ethi erakarathu naana thaan irupen nenakren. Atleast ivanunga kudukara build up lam paatha beach balloon thothurum.

Second thing is about my hair. "Ennada ipovay ipdi narachi many grey hairs". Enna panrathu oray paasakkara makkals around me but the questions seldom change. My hair started greying right from my senior secondary school. And those who have been acquainted with me would know that i never "dye" my hair. But even then, it often comes as surprise that how come its so much grey.

The thing that beats me is what is the point they want to convey!! That my hair style is bad and needs attention or they are worried about any vitamin deficiency that is causing it or being their peer, they wouldnt want people to doubt their own hair colour on being seen with me?!!! It reminds me of one story i read long back. When asked a military man how come his moustache is all black while his hair style is salt and pepper, he replied that his moustache is 15 years younger.

Senthil mathiri kelvi kekka try panravanga, beware of goundamani style response. Aaama solliputten.


Ramesh said...

So when I meet you next, I'll ask the safest of all questions. Pona vaarum enna movie ...... :):)

gils said...


Aarti Krishnakumar said...

Namma meet panni ethana maasam /varusham aacchhu????

gils said...

oru 2 years? :D