The grand reveal

A while back, had mentioned about this book - 300 days, authored by my friend blogger Bragz here

The wait is almost over with him releasing excerpts from the book in his blog

Do read and post your reviews on his blog.

Eagerly waiting for the book launch. Way to go Mr.Bragz.


Asha said…
Awaiting one book from you too Gils:)...btw, congratulations to your friend. Wishes for it to be a best seller!
gils said…
naan book podratha.!! yaar padikarathu :D:D
Ramesh said…
Naangellam padippom. Completely second Asha's comment.
Prasanna said…
To not to break the tradition of being shameless in Self promotion, here is the link where you can download the sample chapters.

And Gils!! You are such a support. Enna Kaimaru seiven!!
gils said…
@brags:link already kuduthirukenda...
@thala: avvvvvvvv...ungal anbiruku naan adimai

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