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The Man for every season

Epdi start panrathu..hmmm...When i was in US of the America i stumbled on this blog group called CBC - surukkama Chennai bloggers club. Chennai vantha epdi pozhuthu pokrathunu balatha sinthanaila irunthapo it was a pleasant surprise to find so many like minders in one group. Antha groupla silar became friends for life. The best part about that group is, any one can become friends with them. Such a warm bunch of people who would go to any length to keep the people around them feel secure and happy. This guy, is bit more special amongst that bunch.

He is much more mature for his age and lot more child like in his approach to life - two best qualities anyone will cherish to have in their repertoire. Added to his amazing social skills, he is an inherent leader, which is quite obvious from the heights the club has reached under his administration. Needless to say he is well supported by equally dedicated fellow admins, but i would stick my neck out and say he would surely be the first amongst those equals. Many can have the intent, some may have the passion to organize things, very few will have the creativity to stage the show, the network to take it to people, the compassion to goad fence crawlers to join hands and participate and the will the succeed. But find to find them all in one person, that would be mister   Bragz- also known as Bragadeesh Prasanna (wonder how many remember his full name!!! I for one have never used it fully!! hehehe) Now that i think of it, for some one who seldom does it, his nick name is bragz!!! Irony with a capital I :D

One may have all these qualities, yet to make people listen to you, it requires something more. Some may call it charishma or on good looks. Its hard for me to put a word on what makes it tick that people always listen and obey certain people and not many others who may possess same or similar quality as them. Probably its the way they make others feel important, yet at the same time, try to get their points conveyed. More like Anil Kumble, who during the Sydney gate famously quoted "only one side played in spirit of the game" which literally broke the spirit of Aussie team who went on to lose their citadel of Perth in the very next match. For a person who is so easy going, he values his self respect above everything and manages to hold on to it without hurting anyone is no less a feat.

His knowledge of eateries that doesnt harm your purse yet might throw your diet regimen to dust might put "Boys" pada Senthil to shame. He is well versed in his nellai thamizh and is a die hard fan of good tamil literature. Though he doesnt rate himself much for his English vocabulary, he has already written two novels in English !!! For those who are lead to think, is this what he does for living, he runs his own company and is in the process of taking the next step towards expanding his business. Add to this the fact that he is super punctual and is almost always present an hour in advance to any of the meetings and never misses any get together, wonder how the world he manages to find time and stamina.

Ithana kathaiyum ethukunna..tomorrow is his birthday. To me, Bragz wouldnt just be the man friday, but man everyday of the week all through the year. Some one you can count on without second guessing and a person i literally take for granted. At times i dont understand how can he be so understanding, not just to me but to everyone around. His pressure point would be the other extreme of Arnab Goswami i guess and their ECG's when AG is in full flow would make interesting reading of a contrast :D

Here is my bday wish for you buddy. May you've as many Rosemilk's from kalathi kadai to your fill this year (Note: we use the same essence bottle at our house. You are most welcome). May you achieve your personal goals on publishing front. Very eager to see the abridged/edited version of 300 in hard copy and wish it happens this year. Hope you share soft copy of the other book also in OC like this one...hehehe. Will be the first to buy both the books when it hits the stores. On your professional front, wishing  you much more than good luck and hope it all materializes pretty soon. Mathabadi..hmm...helmet poatutu vandi oattu. Vizhunthu vaarinathulam porum. Have a funtastic year ahead. Wanted to make this as 800 th post, lighta late adicihi. Mannichu..
You know my punctuality :D


mahesh said…
One legend writing about the other! Kannula jalam varadhu pa :) Wish both of you the very best!
gils said…
@mages: unga leg end ku kooda naan worthillai...peria vaarthai sollitel
Ramesh said…
Second Mahesh's comment fully. I am sure Bragz was touched by the eloquent tribute from a fellow master.

But there is one element in Bragz that you haven't clarified. Is he in the Asin camp or the Kalki camp ? (please substitute whoever are the current lady heartthrobs - this being alien territory) :):)
gils said…
Kalki yaru??!!! If thalai is so smitten something must truly be special :D:D:D:D

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