Friday, April 08, 2016

Sethupathi - movie review

When i heard about the movie, i thought it would be yet another cop movie and yet another movie star who wants to increase his fan base and play to the gallery. Couldnt quite imagine Vijay Sethupathi as a strong police officer, after seeing him as the local ruffian in innumerable number of movies. Also he doesnt have that vocal strength to carry punch dialogues that are essential for a cop hero. Considering the fact that from the time of MGR till Surya, every single aspect of a cop's character being done and dusted, there are hardly any scope for a new script in cop genre any more in Indian cinema as such. Amidst all this non-expectation hype came the movie.

First thing that struck was the meesai. To me, that murukku messai of Vijay sethupathi would be the USP of the movie. Enna gethu. Just a twirl and a cut to a few tuft of hair, it transforms him into a totally new persona. As mentioned above, a strong voice would've added icing to the character. Even while shouting his is squeaky at best. Another strong aspect of him is his eyes. Without mouthing much dialogue they spew menace and love and sentiment and confusion all at the same time. Vijay sethupathi rightly falls into the category of actors who have their looks to their advantage, especially their eyes. Storywise, barring a few twist in screenplay its the same old done and dusted cop story. But one glaring aspect would've been the villain. For all the bravado he comes across as a comic stupid one rather than a strong brainy negative character we've gone accustomed to in recent releases. He would've been more at ease on a mega serial than a movie. About his henchmen, the lesser said the better. The rocking lovely chemistry between Ramya Nambeesan and Vijay from their "Pizza" movie carries over into this as well. Utterly believable pair. "Naan yaaru..Naaan yaaru..goyyala...Naan yaaru" the best mass song of this year possibly. The first half BGM falls on its feet when it comes to hero worship and especially during stunt scenes its mediocre. The second half more than makes up for it. The title card gives more than sufficient hint on how the movie is going to be with its unabashed worship of cops. Avlo nallavangalum illa..apdi onnum mosamillai is the public verdict and its not just for the cops but also for the movie. Epdiyum terinja kathai thaanaenu scriptlayum perusalam onnum menekedala. Apdiye arivai kasakki puzhinji thuppu tholakki kandupudikara velailam ila. He just thinks and acts and solves. Ashtey matteru.

Gils verdict: Despite its inherent flaws and aracha maavu story, when it ends, it does leave a feel good factor and a happy mind. Athukagavay Sethupathiku special salute.


Ramesh said...

Yay - now I have learnt of one more - Ramya Nambeesan :):):)

mahesh said...

The kid threatening the goon is the ultimate clap-inducer :)

gils said...

@thala: :D:D i saw her on hotel HSB mylapore few days back

@mages: aaahaa..u the tamil movie saw!!!! yes that scene was mass