Friday, April 22, 2016

Playlist forever

My playlist would probably be one of the most dynamic of the song lists ever i guess. No song stays in the list for more than a day. Despite my shuffling and changing, certain songs always manage to find a way into the list. There are always, associated memories with each of them and when they do get played, as the song goes forward, mind rewinds and relishes those situations. Its a tough choice to pick from memory and whatever best i could recollect have compiled as my all time favorites. Restricting it only to tamil and 3 hindi songs without which the list would always be incomplete. Obviously there are more. But this would be the top of the lot :) Here goes..

Kaadhal konjam..Kaatru konjam from pachaikili muthucharam

Maalai neram from Ayirathil oruvan

Paadava from Little John

Enna idhu from Nala Dhamayanthi

Oh shanthi shanthi from Vaaranam Aairam

Kaathirunthaai anbe from Naveena Saraswathi Sabadham

Osakka from Vanakkam Chennai

Thendrale from Kaadhal desam

Veesum velichathile from Naan E

Kaatru kuthiraiyile from Kaadhalan

Poove vaai pesum boathu from 12B

Title song from vinnai thaandi varuvaaya

Hosanna from vinnai thaandi varuvaaya

Swasame from Thenali

Uyiriley enathu Uyiriley from Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyadu

Oru ooril azhage uruvaai from Kakka Kakka

Minnale nee vanthathenadi from May Madham

En mel vizhuntha mazhai thuli from May Madham

Oray nyabagam from Minnale

Venmathi from Minnale

Vizhiyil song from Kreedam

Nee illai endraal from Dheena

Smiyai magnet vizhiyaal from Kandukonden Kandukonden

Kaadu thiranthu from Vasool Raja

Tere Bina from Guru

Heyrathe Ashiqui from Guru

Jashne bahara from Jodha Akbar


Ramesh said...

Thank you Gilsu. My listening for the next few weeks is fixed, for, I have not listened to any of this list.

I know you were only born yesterday, but don't your tastes go back to the golden era of Susheela, Janaki, TMS, Jesudas ..... ??

gils said... all the blushings :D ungaluku venumna tube link anuparen for each of those songs...

as for susheela janaki tms and jesudas..adhu thani list :)

maalai pozhuthin mayakathilay
malarnthum malaraatha paathi malar
aalaya maniyin oasai
unnai kandu naan aada ennai kandu nee aada
satti suttathada
manidhan enbavan deivamgalam
paartha nyabgam illaio
raajavin paarvai raaniyin pakkam
senthamizh thenmozhiyaal
kaattu malli poothirukka
marainthirunthu paakum marmam enna
mannavan vanthaanadi
sonnathu neethaana
ninaipathelaam nadanthuvittal
muthaithiru athithirunagai
pazham neeyappa
kaalangalil aval vasantham
Paattu paadava
Naan Aanaiyittaal

Neriaaaaaaa irukku innum..mostly like the old songs for their lyrical quality and easy pleasy tune. So category would more be on kannadasan/vali than on singers :D