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The question - part 3


"Hey i just met you..
And this is crayyzzeeyy..
But here is my number...
So call me maybe.." Ram keeps humming the song much to the annoyance of Anil..

"Nee pannitu vanthiruka velaikku intha Carly Jepsen song saria varaathu.....Aambala padathula Vishal paadra mathiri "pazhagikalam whats your name and your number" thaan karecta varum"


" Enda dai....juice oothina mathiri sooda tea coffee oothirunthaalum ipdi thaan paadirupio" asked Anil


"hmm..naan oru velangaathavan..phenol oothirunthaalum nee ipdi thaana iruppa"


"Nee yaara pakka pona..ennathukaga pona nu konjamachum yosichia raasa...unga veetla..kattam paathu katadam paathu katti vaikka ponnu thedi pesitu vara anupi vacha..kattika pora ponna vitutu kottitu varavala sight adichitu vanthiruka..rascal......shabbba..soda please..evlo "ka...Athepdida...oray oru smile..athukulla lovea"

"Sattena vizhunthathu Nenjam"


"Kannathil Muthhamittal padam pathirukia..."

"Nee Madhavan andtha ponnu Simrana...kola vizhum"

"Antha song situation pathirukia...Munthina scenela Maddy would propose to Simran..antha proposalay scenea irukum...Simran will ask "enna pudichirukarathala kalaynam panikaria ila Amudhava adopt pannikka kalyanam panikaria nu..Maddy will say rendu kannathula entha kannam favoritenulam solla mudiathu nu...Simran will say "ennakku konjam conditions iruku" nu..before she could finish her sentence Maddy will give her a bear hug and antha very instantla antha song varum..Sattena vizhunthathu nenjam..."

"Nethu KTVla padam paathia...ithukum naan ketathukum enna sambantham"

"mara manda...lovela vizhratha pathi poetica sollitruken..lusu thanama kekaran paaru...unakulam epdida ponnu kedaichuthu.."

"Serupaala adipen...unga veetla ketta enna solluva..ivlo pesaraye dog..antha ponnuku kalyanam aadicha boy friend background enna..edachum theriyuma...verumna Priya nu pera mattum vachukitu ena panna pora"

"Simple..ava peru panra edam theriyum...vera enna venum..just go there and ask..ella detailum kitti..simple matter"

"aama..ivar poitu...aapeecer aapeecer...anniki en mela juice kottina ponnu Priya pathi details sollungannu ketathum avanga athanaiyum sollitu thaan adutha vela paapaanga paaru..."

"Chinna thirutham...kekkaporathu nee"

Anil picks his phone and starts speaking..."Hello Dubaiya..naan inga romba free..itho kelambi varen..bye...seri machi...konjam velai iruku..i am starting"

"Nanbenda...naan details collect pannitu va sonathum udanay kelambita..i appreciate" without waiting for Anil's response Ram leaves that place.

"Dei..dei....deii.....naan enna solren..ivan enna sollitu poraan..." looking at himself on the mirror..."Unakku vekkamay illayada...oorla evlovo friend irukaan...aanalum ivan kita maatikitu naan padra paadu irukkay...Boss engira Baskaran Santhanathukkay velicham"

@Ram's house:

"Kaushiki kitta enna pesina...edachum decide paneengala rendu perum"

"Illama...antha ponnu varathuku late aaidichu..vazhila vandi problemnu..romba neramlam pesala... decide panra alavuku innum discuss pannala...thirumba meet panlaamnu solliruku antha ponnu"

"Apdi vera ennathaanda pesikiteenga rendu perum"

"vela pathi..padichathu poranthathunu generala pesinom..athuvum sollithu...naanum sonen..finala ipo decide panna venaam...konjam yosikalam...and then lets meet up sollitu she went...yes num sollala no num sollala"

"ithuku mela vera enna pesi decide pannanumaam? intha kaala pasangaluku konjam edam kudutha overa thaan panreenga...pazhaiya panjaangama iruka venaam..unga life neenga pesi decide pannikunga sollitu decenta vitta..itha saaka vachu izhuthukittay irupeengala...enga munnadilam pesa koochapaduveenga sollitu thaana ungala pesika solrathu...ithelaam aagaratha ila..avanga appa amma kita kekkaren..ennatthan solra unga ponnu nu"

"athaiyae avanga thriumbi keta? naanum onnum decide panalaye ma"

"Unakaga naan decide panniten..avanga ok sollita..ithaan ponnu..ithuku melalaam ennala wait panna mudiathu" sollitu amma goes to kitchen before Ram could argue further.


"Dei Ram...engenda poi tholanja..un phone evlo thadava try panen..edukavay ila" growled Anil

"Sorry machi..un number thaana urupidia oru matterum irukaathunuthaan vandi la varapo edukala..emi matteru?"

"Unakkintha avamaanam thevaya" Anil points finger at himself like vadivelu and cribs.

"Sorry machi...traffic sathathula kekkala..kochikatha..what matteru tellu"

"Antha juice kada ponnu pathi solalaamnu thaan koopten"

"Hey..nejamavay visarichia..enna sonnanga...yaar ava..enga irukka...enna panra"

"Paaarra...ivlo kelvilaam nee code panrachay requirement documentla ketruntha project uruptrukum..."

"dei..mokka podama matter solra..."

"Antha juice ponnu anga work panra aal ilayam...MBA coursekaga edho survey eduka internship mathiri anga vela paathuthaam"

"Paathuthunnaa? ipo illaya?"

- To be answered

P.S: Adutha part would be ghost written...che..guest written. Yaar enna matterngarathu will be revealed later :)


Rat said…
Interesting. Seekram unga guest a kadhaya ready panna solunga :)
Ramesh said…
Oh no mystery here. "Guest" is the good lady :)
gils said…
@rat: :D:D seekrama postidren

@thala: no thala..this is another blog friend :D

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