Corporate Culture in Ramayana :)

Lord Ram..sitting on the seashore with a worried look.
After convincing the Sea Lord to support him on his mission to build a bridge over sea, he is now left with the arduous task of actually building the bridge. He is seen comforted by Sugreeva, Hanuman, Jaambavan and Sugreeva offers his monkey sena to perform the monumental project. Hanuman is appointed the project manager. Nala and Neela take the role of chief architects. Millions of monkeys take to quarrying for stones and form an assembly line to build the bridge. They toil day in and out, cheerfully performing their tasks. There lived a squirrel family close by to the sea. Watching the monkeys helping the Lord in his quest, the squirrel family decides to throw their hat in the ring too. Without further much ado, they jump into the fray and begin to carry small pebbles. Lord Ram, moved by this noble act, takes the squirrel on his hand and lovingly smoothens its fur.

Legend has it that, the marks we see on the backs of the squirrels are the fingerprints of Lord Ram when he stroked them.

Ithula enga corporate culture vanthuchunu paakareengala. Matteruku varuvom.

Monkeysoda natural tasks/lifestyle enna? Kadalla kalla poatu bridge katratha?? Kandippa illa. Irunthaalum..avanga big boss..Sugreevan sonaarnu ellaam, went out of their way to do the task. Annual appraisalkaana goal setting document padi, bridge katrathu would have never been a part of their daily routine. Apdi paatha elaamay exceeded their expectations in that project. Like any project, project manager (Hanuman) gets the maximum appreciation here also and well deservedly too. Like any IT projects, intha bridge projectlayum, architects pathi yaarum kandukitta mathiri therila. (Wonder how many knows that Nala and Neela are the engineers of the vaanara army). Finala, no one knows any one of the zillion monkeys which did the actual work of throwing stones into sea and constructed the bridge. Akin to "Normal" developers who punch in lakhs of lines of code without even getting to see the light of the day and get rated as "Meeting expectations" at the end of the year.

Sila per are like the squirrel. They may or may not be directly involved in the project. Aana vara vendia nerathula..seiyya vendia velaiya..seria senji..aththanai limelightaiyum allikittu poiduvanga. And their contribution, however minimal, will be spoken about for generations.

Ithunaala thaan solrathu - "Don't be a monkey. Be a squirrel" nu.


Aarti said…
Aha, sema post!! And now I the understanding your fb status too .. Orre the pull arichings at how you have compared corporate life to Ramayanam... Engerundhu than ivlo ideas varudo!!! :-D
Ramesh said…
Ha Ha Ha. Gils at his creative best.

I'm sort of wondering who is the Ravana, Kumbakharna, Vibishna in corporate life. Equally Lakshmana, and even Sita could be the subject of some speculation :)

Hail the modern day Kamban.
RS said…
Sooper Gils. I sort of related your 'Be a squirrel, not a monkey' to Ramayana. But, then got confused as Hanuman also had the due acknowledgement. Now it is understood. Sooperb post, Gils. Keeep writing often....Kaanama poidaatheenga marupadiyum :)
RS said…
Ramesh, let me guess: Ravana is the client who pokes every now and then adding more requirements when the project is half-way through....

Kumbakarna is the VP who sleeps through the project and wakes up only when it is due for going live...

And, Vibishna is obvious: He is the guy who will be the victim of recession/cost-cuts during the project run!! :P
Aarti said…
btw, when did u shift to Dynamic layout? i've been thinking about it, but dont see colours on it... :/
RS said…
My another comment went missing :D

@Ramesh, let me guess:
Ravana is the client who brings out new requirements every now and then when the project is half-way through.

Kumbakarna is the VP who sleeps through the project, earns a lump, and wakes up when the deadline is nearing....

Vibishna is the poor loyal guy who will be victimized for recession/cost-cut, during the project despite his best efforts
gils said…
:D :D


aahaa..ithu nalla anglea irukkay :) hmm...ravanan yaara irukum..kandippa client thaan :D bridge katra projectoda reasonay antha aal thaana
kumbakarnan - acct head ??
vibishanan - onsite co-ordinator :D enemy camplenthu elp panravar :D
gils said…

avvvvvvvvvvvvv....unga paasathuku alavay illai :) nanri nanri

intha layout avlo pramathama onnumila..sumaar thaan
gils said…
:D semma desci :D :D

:D danku
Aarti said…
@gils- hmm... enakkum athu pola thaan irukku.. but what else is diff abt it? did u chk around? load aagarathukku extra 2mins aagardu...
gils said…
yes...ithu dynamica.illa die namica therila..adikadi sethurthu :(
lakshmi said…
ivlo characters irukangala Ramayanathula.. what abt kunti devi... panchali... kannagi... krisnhnamachariyar... bharathiyar.. sakunthala devi...

avvvvvvvvvv sakunthala devi namma Puzzle solving book oda author la.. iam sorry slighta unga ramayanam padichu manda kanchidthu.. athan olaritaen.... :)

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