Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Deepavali wishes

Konja naal ezhutharathuku ethuvum thoanalaina writers blocknu solraangalay...West Bengal legislative assembly peru Writers Buildingaamay. Athaan Kolkata innum urupadama iruko?

Vanakkam makkalay.Ellarum Navaratri celebrate panni mudichitu Deepavali celebrate panna readyaaiteengala? :) I love this time of the year. Especially the week preceeding Deepavali. The moment you step out, its almost as if there is an unmistakable sense of eagerness on if people are hurrying towards happiness everywhere. Every single shop flogs their workers, draining them to their last available ounce of strength to manage the crowds. Oops. No more negative sentences here, however true it maybe. Dont want to spoil the festive spirit. Point is, for a while now i've been getting mixed feelings about festivals. ( Udanay vayasaanalay ipdi thaannu mokka poata pichi puduven. Mokkai putting is Gils territory and trespassers will be subjected to more severe mokkais)
Irrespective of religions almost all festivals fall on the year end - year beginning period. Its as if our munnors had decided that mid of the year epdiyum sikki seerazhiya year end and year beginning gujaalsa irunthidalaamnu. Few years back, tv channels ensured that the crowds stayed indoors watching all the mega hyped movies. But with the advent of online streaming and multiplexes on every corner, pudu pada mogam also has taken a serious beating. Patti mandrams too have lost their sheen with talk shows on every alternate weekend. Star Interviews have also outlasted their welcome. Either the so called chinna thirai reinvents itself or TRP's would soon be RIP. Those who were cribbing that television has effectively killed the concept of families going out to enjoy outdoors will be happier.

Advance Deepavali wishes makkalay. Narakaasuran death celebrationo illa Ramaroda Ayodhya returnkagavo illa Amma ullaatchi therthalla amoga vetri petratharkagavo..illa velaayudham paartha verila yaar mela vediya veesalaamngara kovathunaalyo..illa vera entha reasonukaga irunthaalum seri...paathu pattaasu vedinga. Enjoy your vacation with your families and friends. You know you all deserve it. Catch you all in another mokkai soon :)


Ramesh said...

vayasaanalay ipdi thaan :);)

Happy Deepavali Gilsu. May the next one for you, be the one you have named me :):) How's the mokkai ?

gils said...

avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv..........thala...neenga en thalaiya irukeengannu prove paniteenga :)))))))))

Asha said...

The pre-diwali rush in t.nagar especially cannot be replicated anywhere.

ungalukku diwali damakadaan with so many new movie release.

expecting 7am arivu review...

happy diwali!

rs said...

Happy Diwali, Gils!! Enjoy!!!!

Trine said...

blogwalking! Happy Diwali to you too!

RamMmm said...

Enna saar unga oorla Deepavalikku munnaala naal, raathiri 8 manikku Panagal Parkla koottam sollikkara alavukku illayae. Passed by there at that time. Thought Deepavali was relatively calm this time at Chennai.

All 3 major movies paaththuteengala. Review (mokkai) pohdum.