Monday, December 19, 2011

Where would you be??

Past few days i had been wondering what would i be doing in exactly an year's time to this day, which every ancient and modern civilization has predicted as the end of the world. As like many incidents of my past 6 years, which have been kind of chronicled on this blog spot server, thought of posting something to look back on, hopefully, from the 365th day :) Just as i am typing this post Star Movies is airing 2012 movie. These guys surely are masters of timing i should say. That movie is one of the spookiest movies i've ever seen. Though typical Hollywood disaster masala movie, the graphics and content scared the hell out of me and for several nights i had dreams of drowning in flood waters.

There were only two topics that ruled the day yesterday. Believers or not, Saturn is one planet no one takes risk against with and the transit of the lord was widely discussed yesterday. For the dooms day enthusiasts, it was a field day to say the least. Each one had a 'vision' of their own as to what would they want to do on 21 dec 2012. Best one was from the guy who wanted to get married on that day, as according to him, whether the prophecy comes true or not, either way his world would be well and truly gone. There were many wisecracks on taking hefty bank loans and live the skin off their lives for the next 12 months and face the dooms day with the contented thought of having lived their life king size. How much ever it was joked about, the inherent fear, the very idea of waters gushing in, roads cracking up, sun coughing up fire balls, volcanoes roaring into life, ice storms freezing around, was palpable. Nature for all we know, always had been THE most destructive force on earth. How many ever number of nukes any superpower country might have, its nothing compared to the havoc which a mere gust of wind can create. But, on the brighter side, Nature has always been the most PROTECTIVE force too.

Rather than fearing over the destruction, wouldn't it be prudent to take life one day at a time and enjoy every moment of it? Why does it always require a calamity or a devastation to make people realise the value of every single minute of their life? Till the time, they loose their loved ones, no one bothers to give the relationship the respect it deserves. Till the time, they are inflicted with weight related problems, no one bothers to hit the gym. Till the time, they face a necessity, no one bothers to sharpen their axes.

I always have standard New Year Resolutions, to watch all the new movies getting released that year and to read newer books, apart from making newer friends. This year in addition to this list, would want to include one more point. To get in touch with all those i've lost contact. In the course of past few years, life has grown layer over layer and i've lost track of many a good people who had enriched my existence by permitting me space in their worlds. I've always wanted to visit them, but kept postponing the trips.

So come 2012, i intended to renew the lost contacts and even if the world ends in an years time or not, i would love a happy ending anytime. Merry Christmas folks :)


Ramesh said...

Very nice. Never mind the bunk about the world ending . Its good to live life as if each day was our very last - we would live it much better.

Asha said...

I liked the 3rd para the best. Live in day tight compartments, enjoy the present. Dooms day- If it has to happen let it, until then njoy.

Anonymous said...

Intha nimidame nijam.. Enjoy the life to the fullest :)

- MyFriend