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Tipping point

As i was channel hopping, stumbled on a typical "seen-one-seen-all other' SRK movie. Shockingly it was running on Lok Sabha Channel!!! May be DD got bugged with airing '80 somethings' shouting matches and kiddish brawls and decided to take a break themselves. Watching movie without any ad breaks was a weird experience. I've been tuned to press the buttons on remote every 15 minutes and how much ever one complaints, the ad breaks do serve one purpose at least - to break the monotony of the movies, considering that even the shortest of our commercial potboilers run for close to  120 plus minutes. The movie was 'Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa' and probably it was taken at a time when SRK was a lesser known face and an up and coming actor. He looks way too young in the movie and his support cast were regulars on DD-National's tele series like Circus, Nukkad, Fauji and lot more. Watching the movie felt like revisiting one's childhood photos.

The story line so simple and characters so lovable, reminiscent of erstwhile hindi movies, with the 'original' chocolate boy hero and Miss goody two shoes heroine, syrupy sentimental sis who carries an invisible placard that her 'bhaiyya is the best in the world' in every frame she comes and gives him the new born puppy looks whenever they share the screen with violins squeaking their twines out, middle class parents whose looks and life actually defined the term middle class to the masses plus friends who wear atrociously loud colored costumes (considering my penchant for dresses ala thalai you can imagine the scene i am trying to describe here :D ) which were once considered 'coooool' and throw in a funnily eccentric character with heart of gold and a villain who is more of naam ke vaaste type, you got the entire container load of scripts of the hindi movies of the 90's and believe me, each one of them were box office blockbusters whose songs and scenes have been branded in memories.

Needless to say, me a sucker for such movies :) and whenever i get a chance i revisit them to brush up my memory of course :) and also to get a dose of reel life innocence of which kind is a rare commodity in moviedom these days. I always believed that movies are the resemblers of the society and not the converse and one look at today's kind of movies is ample proof for the statement. In the name of being 'yathaartham' the kind of stories that are being picturised and force fed on audience, well not always but at times, appalling. Being raised on scruples and hypocritical values and risking the chances of sounding much more older :) i tend to cringe when school going kids mouth profanities without even realising their meaning and horror of horrors the acceptance of such things in daily vocabulary!! Every issue or belief or news or information is torn to shreds and is scrutinized under the microscope of logic and if it doesnt pass muster such thoughts are unceremoniously and publicly dumped. Feels offlate that the virtual world, having grown outside of the computers, have reached outside of the 4 walls and have taken the streets and lanes as well and people are fast loosing their sense of sacredness. For that matter, is there anything sacred or innocent anymore? Science has taught us to question everything. But falls short in the solution providing department. There are still lot many things in life like emotions of love, innocence, bliss, peace, calm, romance, passion, happiness, joy, harmony, togetherness and the negative of each of them, which can never be explained by any theorem or machine.

I believe certain things are meant not to be tampered with and even if it doesnt make sense i am still happy the way things are. Let there be some mystery left. Let there be some quest to search for later. For i guess life is much too shorter to be spent only to decipher its meaning. Feels good to be lazy once in a while and to go with the flow enjoying the course.


Asha said…
this is such a humane post. the last 10 lines simply reflect my thoughts.

great post once again. yes, sometimes the kids know just way too much and emotional quotient of today's gen is almost zilch.thanks to modern day parents and sat tv.

life was nice when things were simpler. satellite tele almost took our simple life away from us by exposing us to too many choice.

ooooooooh....thanks for naming my fav serials circus, fauji and nukkad...

another sweet and feel good, simple movie which i liked in recent times was the tamil movie 'seedan'.

seri ingeyoda nirthikkeren. illati unga posta vida perisa poidum indha comment:)
Aarti said…
New post new look... i liked the prev look better... :)

Btw, u saw this movie on Lok sabha channel? dint know they telecast movies.. always seen people screaming at each other vonly.. shd chk

I grew up watching Nukkad.. Buniyad... Circus..seen only little bit of fauji.. Ah SRK when he was young... :D

Seri, am tired.. too much writing here.. :D heheh... but sema deep post.. enna achchu?? ippo ellam ippadi orre sinthanaila irukeenga? meet pannanum.. been long
gils said…

:)) oh intha serieslaam ungalukum pudikuma..sooper :)


//Btw, u saw this movie on Lok sabha channel? dint know they telecast movies.. always seen people screaming at each other vonly.. shd chk//


// too much writing here.. :D heheh... but sema deep post.. enna achchu?? ippo ellam ippadi orre sinthanaila irukeenga? meet pannanum.. been long//

offlate mandaila neria thots running.. :D :D athaan intha post..adutha post paarunga..u wl become clear :D

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