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"Close the door and have a seat"
He came and sat on the rolling chair which, having lost one of its wheels, was see-sawing.
Just like his life.
Some months ago in a different location, similar situation, he was on the other side of the chair.
Possibly giving even better advice.
"You've again put me in an awkward position"
"Going by the seating arrangement, i guess that should have been my dialog" he said.
"Wisecracks are not going to help you. You should realize what you are doing. I've told you even before. Losing temper in front of everyone is not going to help you anyway at all"
"Well this way at least i would get some help in finding it back"
"Finding what?"
"My lost temper"
"Enough. See..had it been anybody else i wouldn't be having this discussion at all. I strongly recommend you to introspect and try to find a way to control your temper. Take a notepad"
"Why? you want me to write imposition?"
"Dont push your luck. Now write down the absolutely honest reasons why you loose temper. Try to evaluate yourself from a third party perspective. Imagine you as a witness to your outbursts and as someone who is fully aware of the reason and write your comment"
"Hmm....interesting. Weird. But interesting. Different from that yoga-meditation thing.  Will give this one a shot and let you know"
"Nothing doing. Start writing. I've booked this discussion room for the next hour. I will be back in half an hour's time. Finish it before that. Your time starts now"

With only the whirrring sound of Air cooler for company he sat alone on the discussion room. It was more of an over sized wardrobe with false ceiling. At first his mind wandered to every place he could think of, other than the notepad and finally looking at the time, he decided to write something to escape from an even more boring lecture.

He begin to write - Why does he get angry? Is it because he was always right? He felt definitely no, as he would be the last but one person and the last person to accept that. He made a list of people against whom he had raised his voice in recent past. Few of them were his subordinates and some his peer. None in the cadre above him Was he trying to bully people into submission? The more he thought about the surer he became that the answer was a definite 'NO'. He began to trace back his emotions to understand the underlying cause for his outbursts More often than not, his interpretation of the issue which angered him, would have actually been his reaction had he been on the other side. The more he dug in deep, the found that, the root cause for every single reason behind his anger was , surprisingly, fear!!! At the core, he realised, every short tempered person were basically meek and frightened and to cover their fear, they hide behind the guise of anger. Fear of losing face, reputation or image created havoc on the mind and it goes to the extent of projecting a macho virtual personality to protect itself.

He sat in silence and realised the amount of truth in the answer he became aware of. He found the questions becoming difficult with each passing moment and cursed himself for getting sucked into the situation.

He struck everything he wrote and started thinking about the solution.

He wrote - What made him happy? Pat came the answer- Appreciation. Recognition. He realised there is no better cure or more addictive drug in the world than the sound of applause. Every time his name got called up for a good performance, his heart would beat faster and he would tell himself that the bar has gone up a notch higher to keep him in reality check. The next question flew in automatically and so did the answer. What made him sad? Discouragement. Being the worst self critic, he hardly needed any more fuel to burn his   pride.

He stared at the paper and sat in silence. His thoughts were disturbed by the sound of door opening.

"So, seems like you had a busy time writing, huh? May i see it?"
"No" and he teared the paper into shreds.
"Cool. So.. you actually did contemplate on what i said and seems it has worked out a bit too?"
He smiled and walked away.
Before closing the door he turned back and said "Thank you".


Ramesh said…
Glisu ippadiyellamum post ezhuthuveengala ????

We are discovering the many facets of Gils. What more have we not seen ??
gils said…
hehehe...mokkai konjam overaaidichilla :) manichikunga :)
Aarti said…
Damn nice one ...and so very true.. :)

btw, why the "Tittle" as the title for this post? or no title?

"The chair"
"False ceiling"
RamMmm said…
Gilsu, the manager, now more experienced, more suave and more convincing. :-)

'Best people manager award' ungalukku thaan. treat kudunga :-)
Asha said…
outstanding......enge oru autograph podunga parkkalam.

ippidiye develop pannindu ezhudina futurela booker prize ungulukkathan... what's more interesting about this post is that it is laced with facts... for instance the reason for short temper.

good.. good... very good :)
gils said…
:) tittle word meaning and post konjam synch aagarapola ila? :)

avvvvvvvvvv...kalaaikarathukum oru alvay ilaya :(


avvvvvvvvvv.....enga ..en...bookera!!! danx 4 d kind words..ipdilaam usupethi usupethi ungala neengalay maati utukareenga :D adutha post innum marana mokkaiya podren :D
23-C said…

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