Thursday, December 08, 2011

Jillunu-oru-kaathal-kathai- 5

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P.S: after a gap of nearly 18 months...JOKK is back :) at least this time hope to finish it soon :)

"Dei Ram..ennada ithu..kondu pona luncha apdiye thirupi kondu vanthirukka. Unakkelaam vadichi kotren paaru enna sollanum"

TUNG!!! slams the lunch box in sink followed lot of mumblings and grumblings from mom.

"Ipdi kandatha thinnutu udamba keduthukka vendiathu..kondu pora luncha apdiye thiruppi kondu vara vendiathu. Naaliku udambu sari illainu paduthuntu en uyira vaanga vendiathu. Ithey pozhappa poachu. Ungappa varattum..inniki irukku unakku"

"Yenmaa..naan enna dailya...." Ram wakes up from his sleep, looks around confused for a moment and realises that it was a dream and falls back onto his pillow. One glance at the watch warns him that he is already running late for office. Cursing Earth for spinning so fast during night he drags himself away from bed. Opens the door to get newspaper and yawnningly shouts..."" only to realise that mom has gone on pilgrimage for next 2 days. He rakes his mind to remember the list of tasks she had grinded on to him, made him memorise a zillion times before she left.

"Was the first one regarding milk or newspaper?...hmm..she said something about milk. what was that?" he wondered around and after a while gave up on remembering the task and started for office. The moment he stepped out from their apartment, his feet stamped on something soft and SPLASH. It was milk all over the verandah. YIKES. Mom had told him to take the milk packet from the bag and since it was not on the bag he had skipped checking for it. The maid had kept it near their door step and now it was all over the verandah.

"Ennapa Ram..usuala veedu clean panna water thaan use panuvaanga..unga veetla aavin paalaa vachaa? hahaha" laughing at his own joke the neighbour walked away.

Feeling irritated at being so careless, Ram stomped away from the house. He stopped on the way to request the maintenance person to get it all cleaned up. He could hear his mom's mind voice chiding him "Irresponsible as always..when will you grow up Ram? I leave you alone for one day and within the first hour you create so much mess. What am i going to do with you in life". He forced his mind to hit the pause button on the voice and diverted his attention to listening to songs on his ipod.


"Machaan Ram one help da"
It was Anil. Ram's Colleague.
"Yeah man..tell me"
"You know that i am going to US on my first international assignment right. Athuku friendskellaam catchya oru mail adikalaamnu iruken. Idea kuden"
"Kaalangaathala ivan tholla thaangala" nu manasukulla porumiavaaray "Catchya enna..renday wordla convey aagara mathiri solren.. BUTTER FLY nu mail anuppu"
"Butter flya?? purialaiye" ena thalaiya sorinjaan Anil
"Aaama..nee oru vennai..nee fly panna porangaratha itha vida simpla sollavay mudiyaathu"
"Unkitta poitu idea kekka vanthen paaru..enna sollanum" ena pulambinaan Anil.
"Guys..dont forget. We have team dinner today sponsored by our client. Arrangements have been made to commute to and fro to the restaurant from office. All of you schedule your work accordingly" ena announce seithuvittu.."aprum Anil..onsite pora..oru mukkiayamaana vishayam solanum unkitta. Namma oorla beach orama kannagi selai kaila selambu vachitu nikkuthu..antha oorla kaila theevatti vachikitrukum..ponnunga kitta paathu nadanthukko" ena bittu potu vittu ess aanaar damager.
"Aaama..ennamo ivan kaiya vittu kaasu podra mathiri ivlo alatikaraan" said Anil.
"Naan varala..neengalam poitu vaanga"
"Dei Ram. Enda ipdi paduthara. Veetla thaan yaarum ilaye poi enna panna pora. Come join us today. Oru thadava vanthu thaan paaren. You always skip any team outings. Who knows you might enjoy it" said Anil.
"Enda..avlo kadupadichene..unaku kovamay varalaya?"
"uhummm...NANBENDAAA" ena solliavaaray he hugged Ram. Unable to control smile, Ram palmed his face.


"Naangallam Amitabh bachchan mathiri. Naan enga nikkareno line angenthu thaan start aagum" ena peter vittavaray vanthaan Anil
"Dei vennai..oc la soru podrangantu ooruku munnadi vanthu ninnutu unaku dialog oru keda...odi po"
Irritated with the loud music blaring from the speakers, Ram settled with his plate in a corner well away from the noise, taking in the scenic view outside of the restaurant from the terrace.
The weather was pleasant and he closed his eyes for a moment enjoying the cool breeze.
"Ahem...weathera romba enjoy pannitu irukara mathiri teriuthu"
The voice brought him back to his senses and he blushingly realised that he had been smiling with his eyes closed. Wondering how stupid he would've looked, his embarrasment turned to anger and his face turned blood red in color. It was Priya. "Anniki paarthum paakatha mathiri pona..ipo thaana vanthu pesaralay"nu manasukull kuzhambiyavaaru paarthaan Ram.
"Hey...relax. Sorry naan ungala disturb pannitennu nenakren"
"cha..illa Priya. I am sort of allergic to noise. Athuvum ivlo sound..uhumm..cudnt stand there. Athaan came here"
"Me too Ram. I like dance beats. Aana these guys are over kill. Its so noisy that i couldnt hear myself out there. Saw you standing here. Athaan disturb panlaamnu vanthen" she said smiling.
"Disturblaam ileenga. I was just enjoying the weather. The only plus point in Banglore"
"Hey..cmon. You are talking to a localite. Banglorela ennamo vera ethuvumay nalla illatha mathiri pesareenga. There are so many good things" she said with a wink.
"Thanna pathi sollikaraalo"nu manasukkul sirithavaaray "Okay. I accept my ignorance. You tell me. Apdi ennlaam good here" he asked with a competitive twinkle in his eyes.
"Hmmm...first of all as you said weather. Aprum..hmmm...hmmm...ipdi thideernu keatta solla mudiathu"
"hahaha..ok..take your time"
"Dont laugh ok. Its far better to your cauldron chennai. Tar melting heat. Epdi thaan anga makkal survive panraangalo"
"True. Thats the only bad thing there" he said with a smirk.
She threw a fake punch at him and he feigned a pained look and both ended up laughing at each others antics.
"How come i never saw you in any party before?"
"Because i never used to attend these things" endraan Ram.
"Athaan ennu kekaraen"
"I find them boring..noisy..irritating to see such criminal waste of money"
"ho ho hold on. Unna mathiri naalu per..uhumm..nee oruthan porum. Ipovay yearly once thaan they have such outings through office due to budget cuts. Nee pesaratha keata athaiyum cut paniduvaanga"
"I've never seen you this relaxed before. Officela kooda eppovum you will have a tensed no nonsense look on your face"
"aaha..appo ivalum ithana naala nammala note pannirukaala"nu manasukkul sirithavaaray.."hahha..True. At present i feel so relaxed that if i convert to Sikhism i will name myself Relax Singh"
"cheee.. bad PJ. But wow. I didnt knew you could crack such marana mokkai kadis too. You ARE interesting"
"Hey..enna adikaria" he winked at her.
"Aaama intha nenapu vera iruka. Oru ponnu praise panni oru vaartha sollida guys will float in air"
"Un kitta onnu sollanum. I saw you sitting in reception on the very first day you joined here. It was a bit of shock for me and didnt knew how to respond. Athaan pesaama poitten. I didnt knew how you would respond on the alliance getting cancelled. Sorry"
"che..ithula sorry solla enna iruku..apdinulaam lighta solla maaten. Actually it was bit hurting. Not on the cancellation but that you didnt stop even after seeing me. Now that you raised the topic, i am more than curious to know why the alliance was cancelled. Your parents knew mine were eager to finalise. Apramum negative resultna..was it you? Ivlo directa ..ivlo personalaana question kekaraennu thappa nenachukaatha. If you feel uncomfortable you need not answer. I can understand"
"hmmmm...will you take offense if i ask a very personal question?"
"depends on about who?"
"hahaha..if its about others its gossip. I dont do that. Unna pathi thaan kekanum"
"Epppaadi..evlo bittu. Ipdilaam cutea keatta ennatha solrathu. Kelu"
"If you are feeling uncomfortable i wont expect you to reply. I will understand"
"hahahaa...enakkay repeatta...shabba...enna kekanumo keattu thola. Kandippa etho mokka poda porannu mattum terithu"
"Have you ever fell in Love? Yaarukaachum propose pannirukkia?"
"Enna Wow...ennada first time pesarapovay ipdilaam kekaraalaynu paakria..cmon..tell me..there is no spice in this party..atleast conversationlayaaachum  irukatumay..have u ever fell in love?"



Suganya said...

Ok.. This time me first.. Gils.. I didn't knew about this story.. ella episode um padichachu.. eppo 6th?? can't wait.. seekrom publish pannungo.. Ungaloda tanglish dialogues thaan story oda highlight.. sooper ah iruku..

Asha said...

so script ready.... padam eppo?

oru chinna doubt? how could you script ram's character so detailedly ......experience edhum pesurdho? ;)

Good one gils, very creative.

will read the rest of JOKK

Suganya said...

You know what gils.. I read this part first and then went back to the earliers parts.. When I was reading this one, it felt like you were describing about yourself.. :)
I know very little of you. As a matter of fact, never had a chance to talk to you like a real friend.. But I still have this illusion of how you would be :) Okeis.. romba too much exciting la i am talking all these.. seekram next part podungooo

Ramesh said...
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Ramesh said...

Mokkai thalaivar has also become Kathal thilagam :):)

Hopefully aduththa episode after 18 days and not 18 months.

Any resemblance of Ram to Gilsu is of course entirely coincidental :)

gils said...


heyyy :) welgum welgum :) and danks for the kind words intha kathaoida initial followers neria peru ipo blog pakkam varathay illa :D avangalaam intha version padicha adi pinniruvaanga for sure :D for still nt completing it :D

gils said...

:) neria kathiala Ram ngara name use panrathaalayum..and often it intersperses with gilsbert and gils athunaalyum irukalam :D suthama kozhapitena :D

gils said...


avvvvvvvv...thanku :) romba nambaatheenga..adutha part wl try to release it fast..and possibly conclusionku kondu pora episodea vachu 7th partoda mudika trying :)

gils said...


:)) intha motha storyaiyum printout eduthu ungala padika vaikrathu thaan ungaluku ultimate punishment :d :d

RS said...

Any similarities to persons or incidents in real life is purely coincidental?? :P

Vera enna sonnanga Priya? 18months ku aprom ippo thaan meet pannineengala Gils? Enna thaan nadakuthu? SUBAM thaaney??? Seekirama next part postunga!!

gils said...

@athivasi :

:D :D :D priya kita thaan kekanum...aana apdi oruthanga iruntha thaana..adutha postum ready..konjam time eduthu postings :D

RamMmm said...

pazhikku pazhi!

Naanum 18 maasam kazhichchu ozhungaana comment poduraen. :-D