NRI - New Relation Induction

Olagathulaye easyaana topic and also the most difficult one apdinu ethachum would self introduction i guess. Everyone can talk their heads off about themselves, but knowing where to draw the line is something known only to a select few. This technique comes in handy the most in case when a new relation is entering ones life. How much is too much or how little would be considered insufficient info? If prioritizing the points is suggested a solution, which one to share and which one to leave behind to be understood on their own? What to showcase and what not to? How truthful should one be or rather which points to hide? The art of creating a good impression, revealing as much or as little information and yet be safe enough to create a positive impression is something i crave to inculcate for a long long long time and falling woefully short. I've never ever made a decent first impression and have heard my good friends tell at a later point of time in our interactions that they never believed we would stick around with them for so long. Often one end up projecting a totally contradictory picture of their real self and have to catch up all along later to correct the impression.

Had a recent conversation with a friend of mine who is getting engaged in few days time. Now read the above paragraph from her perspective and i hope it might throw some picture on how our conversation would've gone :) Getting a new person in ones life is something of a life changer. If its going to be ones life partner, nothing would ever be the same again. In continuation with my previous post on Future shock, which basically talks about change and adapting to change, marriage is the biggest wanton life altering event in anyone persons life i guess. If one looks at milestones in each persons life, marriage would definitely be the major one which changed the course of their existence. Its the most complex of relation and brings with it as much pleasure and pain and still people world over take the plunge into that maddening ocean. Its proved by the mere fact that, though every one craves for 'Paradise regained', 'Paradise lost' has sold more copies than its sequel :) Its a whole big lottery, inviting a person into your life without bothering about the consequences, wholly resting everything on hope that it would work out in the end and surprisingly it works for the vast majority!!

I dont see an end to this topic so winding up with a wonderful quote suttufied from somewhere - 'Sorrow can take care of itself. But to get the full value of happiness, you should have someone to share it with' (and to add to it, if that person also happens to be your companion for life, well, that is a life well spent i guess).

Wishing my friend all the very best on her quest towards a new beginning. God bless you.

(Just now saw the count on publishing this post!!! Guess what..this also happens to be post number 500.. :D :D :D  )


Thamizhmaangani said…
post no 500?? WOW!! WAY TO GO, DUDE!!
RS said…
:) :) :)

Gils, your posts are getting wiser by the day :)
RS said…
500 posts? You mean F.I.V.E H.U.N.D.R.E.D????Great going Gils, let this reach a 5000 mark!!
G3 said…
Indha bloga aarambikkarappo Gillette-a irundha gils ippo gilsaanandava completely transformed !!! :P

Congrats for the 500th Post :))))
G3 said…
And Solla marandhuttaenae... Happy Children's day :))))))

P.S. Idhu edhukkunnu ungalukkae theriyum :P
23-C said…
Asha said…
idha ezhudirukkaradhu partha, unga friend life madiri theriyalaiye??!!! enga blog friend gils lifela NRImadiri theriyarudhu.......

yes, life alters after marriage and every step from then on.... but such alterations and adjustments are worth making ....Change for the better is always welcome. right?

Congrats on 5k and wish you many more ......

vasugi viruppam: oru fullfledged humour post please...romba nalacchi...
lakshmi said…
ithu ethuko adi podra mathiri irukae....

figure ushar pannitingala Gils!!!

Self introduction elam vaenam Gils job interview ka porenga, straighta gothavula erangidunga...Seri naan help pannata..

"hi sakthi.. naan Gils! nee azhaga irukae nu nenaikala.. naan unna kathalikalla.. ana ithelam nadanthidumo nu bayama iruku... sakiyaeee"


"hi malini.. ivlo azhaga naan parthathulae.. n iam in luv with u"

nadu naduvula maanae thaenae ponmanae potukonga...

epudi!slighta mokka heavy ayiducho!!
Ramesh said…
Your intro is simple Gilsu. "My name is Gils - please read my blog for all about me". Avalavuthan.

Many many congrats for the 500. Its an amazing achievement. Each one of them is a gem. Great show
Suganya said…
500 ah???? Awesome.. kalakkunga..
Anonymous said…
Gils.. many congratulations on the 500th.. love reading ur posts, though I never comment.

Aarti said…
Congrats on 500th post!! :)

And yes, this is something one can debate about forever n no end ..

Congrats and all the best to your firendu :)
Aarti said…
btw, little the doubt.. ithu unga friend pathiya illa... friendngra nizhal pathiya???????????? :P
Venkat.. said…
i came here on 400... yet another century.. hmmmm great going... keep entertaining...
gils said…

danku danku :)


:) wisera :D :D hehehee.... 5000 mark..hmmm...itha thaan sontha selavula sooniyam solrathu :D
gils said…
danks...childrens day? link pirila

padichenga...latest kaalamega poem :)


//idha ezhudirukkaradhu partha, unga friend life madiri theriyalaiye??!!! enga blog friend gils lifela NRImadiri theriyarudhu.......//

lol..neenga vera...oru ponnum emaara maatenguthu :D :Delaam usaara irukaanga
gils said…
aaha...mokkai posta... :D potruvom :D

lol :D :D :D ipdilaam solli thaan unga ootukaar propose panara? :D :D


danks :)
gils said…

:) danku


ada..nengalam inumum intha pakamalaam vareengala :D
gils said…

:)) nejama friend kathai thaanga :)


:)) dankies
Sandhya Sriram said…
New record in the making kooda sollalame. Orayiram pinna pala ayiram blogs eyudi eppadiye cheer spread panrathuku ennoda manamarntha all the best. Tanglish vazhgai mokkai vazhgai sandhula sindhikka vaikum blog thalaivar gils vazhgai.
gils said…
avvvvvvvvvvv....neengala..ingaya...en postla commentinga!!!! avvvvvvvvvvvvvv.......varugaikkum..tharugaikum nanni :)

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