A moral dilemma

I've always had my reservations about death penalties. Not exactly convinced on their usage. Always felt that taking another life is god's realm and humans, especially those in garb of black gown sitting under a smiley oldies photo, have no business in it. But this particular issue, a severely sensitive one at that, is irking me so much that, thought of posting about it.

I am talking about the appeal raised against the capital punishment sentenced for the (erstwhile) LTTE trio. There are so many reasons, valid and humane at that, with which it can be argued as to why their death sentence should be annulled. But our shameless dirty pigs of politicians have decided to bleed the sentiment, dry out of this one too, which has already cost a poor lady's life. I dont understand how can speaking a common language and belonging to a war ravaged country, contaminated with ethnic cleansing and lead by the worst psychopath of a leader, who would make Khmer rogue guerrillas sound like kindergarten kids, make them qualify for a waiver of a crime they've committed, which has been proven beyond any doubt with authentic evidence.

Those poor guys have already spent not one, not two, but TWENTY years of their lives in prison. If there is anything worse than death, its awaiting it day after day, not knowing when the hangman's noose is going to kiss your neck. These people have undergone that torture for 2 decades of their life. The prime of their youth wasted in the shadow of death. Some might say, the delay was caused by the umpteen mercy pleas raised on their behalf. But again, its easier to be an armchair commentator than to actually live their lives. Saying all this, i do not support their motives or means and definitely not the result. They ARE terrorists, who killed not just a charismatically corrupt leader but 18 other people along with him and resulted in landslide victory leading to formation of a corrupt government. Their single act of terrorism. earned the wrath of his widow, which has now resulted in the eventual doom of their entire organisation. Had it been any other country, these three would've been long dead and might have even reborn.

By passing a resolution, recommending waiver of the death sentence, there by bowing to political pressure AND continuing the game of one up man ship with DMK, the ruling party has set such a horrible precedence, which sends shivers in me to even think of the events to follow. If belonging to the same ethnic group, speaking the same language are good enough reasons to pardon criminals, that too with state Government's endorsement...i couldnt get myself to even finish describing the absurdity of the scenario. Even before i could post this one, there is some organisation asking presidential pardon for Afzal Guru, on similar grounds.

"THILLU MULLU"la Thenga Sreenivasan solra mathiri ..."Murugaaa...intha naatta nee thaaanpaa kaapaathanum"!!!!


Ramesh said…
Brilliant post gils - one of the best written in the media, even by esteemed news organisation, on this subject. The utter shamelessness of Tamil Nadu politicians is appalling.

Your muse on the death penalty raises one of the toughest of issues. In Europe its banned. In the US, Japan and China it is pretty common. In India its rare, but still used, mainly for very heinous crimes. Yes, only God has the power to take life, but then people who commit murder have taken this on themselves and cannot take this defence any more. In the rarest of rare cases, where there is grievous murder commited, there is a case for the death penalty. In terrorist offences when madmen murder innocent people, it is hard to argue that the laws of civilisation must apply to them.
lakshmi said…
Me too against death penality. Ithu kooda paravalae, Indiala hanging thaan.. i saw oru ingleees serial "Prison Break".. athula chairla current pass panni kola pangranga! That too if it dint work properly on the day n if the person isnt dead i.e. half dead... avar fulla recover ayitu healthy aaki apuram saaga adipangalaa.... "YENNA KODUMA SIR ITHU!"
lakshmi said…
namba oorla kaada vettumbothu... goata thani adichu, theliyavechu theliyavechu vettu vangalae, athu mathiri iruku...
RS said…
Agree with thala. Depends on who we are talking of? Aana 20yrs is quite a looooooooooong period, isn't it? The reason for which they planned and executed The terror in 1991 is no longer possible, the leader who planned it is no longer alive. This trio has seen it all, and dying almost every day! I am sorry, but in a case as this, I am slightly biased with the trio....

@Lakshmi: Haven't you seen Viruthagiri? Thalaivar Vijaykanth padam?? Athula oru terrorist-a electric chairla ukkathi vechu, thalaivar pottu thaaliruvaar. (Avar athula interpol--aakum, aaaaaavvvvvvvv)!! Namaku englees serial-laam vendavey vendaam :P
Asha said…
well written gils!

me not always against death penalty, that guy languishing in a bombay jail and eating his fav food living in a highly secured prison must go first else with time his deeds would be forgotten and he would be pardoned while innocents fall victims to terrorism and then eventually terrorism and terrorists are justified.

Regarding the trio, More than the trio, what their families go through is horrible more so when one of them's child born in a jail, what that child must be going through in today's society. It was sad to see their mom and sis photo pleading for mercy.

Politics.. andha power appidi polirukku gils, nallavanga okkanda kooda andha political power avangala mathidarudu, bTW neenga seriousa endha murugava kaapatha koopdareenga?
gils said…
nanri hai :) I have more violent and life threatening punishments for child molestors and rapists and their likes. To me..death can never be a penalty. Its the easiest of all punishments. The law which says suicide is a crime kills the same under the pretext of being legal.
gils said…
namma oorla tubelightukkay currenta kaanum..ithula enga electric chairuku porathu!!!! evanumay saaga maataan appo :)

Goatta thanni thelichi vetraanga..manushana?? thanni thelichi vitrunaanga? :D :D
gils said…

OMG OMG...u watching Viruthagiri?!!!!haiooo..gabtun fana neenga...!!!!
gils said…

hahaha Lord Murugava thaan :) vera yaara nenachenga? :D

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