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Mangaathaa daa... :)


Guess this would be THE catch phrase in days to come. Right from the first frame Ajith owns every single screen second. Such is his screen presence that, its almost as if he is the only person in the three hour long movie. He is truly the King of Spades midst the deck of remaining cast. No mean achievement considering that the movie boasts of not one, not two, but THREE cute heroines in Andrea, Anjali and Trisha, how much ever miniscule their roles be. The movie well and truly deserves to be a landmark movie in Ajith's career. Its his show all the way through. Its very evident that he had a gala time doing the movie and pity that people dont wait till the screen credits which is actually funny and nice.

He cusses with vengeance...dances as if no one is Salaman a run for his unbuttoned brawn in fight sequence..unabashedly cheats on his girl friend(s)..drinks gallons and smokes tonnes of cigarrrttes..not giving a damn to the usual squeaky clean hero image. If said in one word - MACHO. His persona oozes with manliness. Couldnt think of any other tamil hero who could command such a personality. Not even Vikram with his body(builder) language. Infact, his character in the movie is not just grey but an out and out negative character. Just because of the fact that its Ajith, who, with his charm and charisma, makes you root for the villain rather than the hero. Come to think of it. The movie has no hero :) Every one is a part of the heist and has their own role to play. Just that few succeed while rest die doesnt make them any noble.

The movie has all the ingredients of a typical festival release or a summer blockbuster. Though three of the 5 songs are a let down..the other two more than make up for the album. "Vilayaadu Mangaatha" is already ruling the playlists. For long i've wondered when tamil movies will have songs good enough to be played in parties. Not that there werent any. But Bollywood had stolen a long march on party mix compared to tamil. Yuvan Shankar Raja, i feel has more than bridged the gap in past few years. Be his "Where is the party" number or few other Simbu hits or the pre-release single from this movie, his music rocks. But he should be vain to take the audience for granted for sneaking in "Mission Impossible" theme in re-recording. Bad choice. Mathabadi sollikara mathiri padathula onnum ila. Story is desi version of Oceans Eleven series with bit of other english movies thrown in. Arjun repeats the quintessential cop for the millionth time. Except for the twist in the end, the charm of which is that its not actually a twist, the movie has nothing credible to speak of from the screenplay department. Choreographer Jayabaratham Furnitures or Pantaloons la vela paathirupaar nenakren. Song picturisations resemble ads for these showrooms more than anything. Lakshmi "Item" Rai does what she does best. Premgi amaran is fast running out of ideas. Loved the scene where Ajith mocks him with exactly the same dialogue. Trisha..avvv. Looks like a pongaluku paint adicha veedu. Avlo makeup. Vinnai thaandi varuvaayala paatha Trishava ithu :( Anjali naalay azhuvaacchi thaannu decide panitaanga pola. Andrea wasted like anything. Aana who cares. Movie belongs to Ajith and its paisa vassool for Thala fans. Its an out and out guys movie and full meals for thala fans :)

Gils verdict: Mangaathaa - Full house.

ETA 1) Guess what this post happens to be the 50th review post @supershankis :) just now noticed the label count :D :D

ETA 2) What i saw in the movie..came out as bits and pieces in the post. But how i saw the movie is a story of its own. Antha polambal in a separate post :) Ticket courtesy rt :)


Ramesh said…
Am I not supposed to be the "thala" :):)

What a waste. A talented Forumla 2 driver running around trees :)
Preethe said…
is it a remake of Ocean's Eleven series?
TheUncanny said…
I guess its more like Ocean's and Italian job? is it?
TheUncanny said…
Nice review gils....Makes me wanna watch the movie..Though I am DIE HARD no fan of ajith...
Asha said…
enna neenga ippdi katchi maarareenga? vikram padam partha avara adichikka all illangreenga, ippo ajit apprum vijay, aprrum suryava...

ungala nambi endha filmstarum party arambikka koodathu.

Hey congrats on the filmi fifty!ajiths fifty and yours too.

BTW, i awed at your title justification of the previous post anna domini... romba late a daan orachidu.. by then my comment was published :)
RS said…
WAiting for how you saw the movie....(Neenga evlo vishayam solraen solraen nu sollama vidreenga Gils? Your trip from Mumbai to Chennai and what happened at the Chennai airport, JOKK etc. etc.)
lakshmi said…
Except for Ajith, i dint like the movie...

Ajith thala nu nirubichitaru.. i hate ppl who smoke.. but thala chumma saaalllu saallunu ooothi thalnathu rombavae rasichaen.. (guess my hubs doesnt hit this link :)) I cudnt see anybody else when he is onscreen...

Ana screenplay semma mokkaa... yevlo naal thaan premjiya vechu ootuvaaru intha venkat prabhu.. seriously i got annoyed with few mokkais of his when movie was going in a good pace.. esp the chessboard scene (I juz hate the scene)

and with the gunshots... OMG! chumma dishkal dishkal! nu kaaka kuruviya elam sutitirunthaanga..

Went with HUGE EXPECTATIONS.. :( seri bulbu...
Venkat.. said…
Weekendla oru multiplexla 63 shows/day with extra fitting chairs, then also no tickets available.
gils said…
neenga blog ulagin thalai :D aaha..u DO know abt ajith :) interesting :)


hmm..apdiye copy ila..konjam konjam


not ditto match..lighta sutrukaanga
gils said…

i want to see it again:)


//enna neenga ippdi katchi maarareenga? vikram padam partha avara adichikka all illangreenga, ippo ajit apprum vijay, aprrum suryava...//

haahahha..ajith enaku epovumay pudikum..not for his movies. avan personalitykaga..outspokkenesskaga..franka irukarathukaga. vikram..konjam alattal.but great actor.

//Hey congrats on the filmi fifty!ajiths fifty and yours too.//

danku danku :)

//BTW, i awed at your title justification of the previous post anna domini... romba late a daan orachidu.. by then my comment was published :)//

hehehehe..nanni nanni :)
gils said…

already scheduled the post on how i saw :D athu oru soga kathai..and jokk..sidela ready aagitruku..this time dont want to keep interrupting oru flowla kathaiya mudichitu wl schedule them :) unga followup nenacha fullarikuthunga :)
gils said…
//.. but thala chumma saaalllu saallunu ooothi thalnathu rombavae rasichaen.. (guess my hubs doesnt hit this link :))//

hahahaa..aathu dhamma? :)

// I cudnt see anybody else when he is onscreen...//

absolutely..semma screen presence
gils said…

elaam mob mentality :) movie avlo nalla illa..but timepass..ajith fans full meals
Aarti said…
Yov.. ticket kuduthu anupichein.. oru blog back link kooda illa.. pfftueee!!:D

i thought the movie had traces of Oceans 11/12/13, except here it started out as 6 and ended up as loot for 2!! :D also traces of italian job

Oh and congos on 50th post.. Thala 50th padam n unga 50th post.. enna connection.. pull arikala..hehe

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