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Controversy be Damned

Periyar and God have never been on the same side of any coin. You name a dam after Periyar and thrust it on the border of God's own country and still wonder why the controversy?!!! You got to be kidding. The current situation on TN Kerala border reminds me of 'Quantum of Solace' James Bond movie. The story line would lead the viewers or at least the movie characters into believing that the villain group is after the oil sources while they would actually be after the procurement of water bodies. Never had i guessed that water wars would hit so closer to home. The situation is such that both the parties have valid fears. The scores of villagers who are afraid of the aftermath of a dam break are equally at peril while compared to those who want the dam to be raised to water their crops. Media being the naughty Naradar as always, play their part to perfection by fanning the fire on both the sides. Again the allegory traces itself back to 007 movie where the villain is a media baron hell bent on creating havoc just to have catchy headlines for his newspaper/media. It might bit of an overkill to label the entire media as villain but as far as most of the issues are concerned there is not a half decent article which is unbiased and throws light on the truth. I've never seen a debate which is constructive and informative to assuage the fears of the public. I've never seen any leader taking the right step in dousing the tension. And i am not even sure what for everyone is waiting!!! The move has potential disaster in making, with TN already at war with Karnataka over Kaveri and depending on AP for the meager supply provided by them. At the cost of playing I-am-the-Boss, the politicos are messing up with already wafer thin fabric of national unity and the day is not far when their self created monster will go after the Frankenstein's. ( Just noticed..Frankenstein never named the monster!!! It has always been referred to as the creators creation rather than by its name. Please correct if wrong)

The situation reminds me of an crude story, albeit an apt one to describe the current scenario i guess. Once the organs of the body had a fight amongst themselves as to whose service is the best. Each one argued the best with their functional description as the reason why their's should be the best. Eye, ear, mouth, tongue, throat, hand, leg every single organ participated in it or rather competed. To prove their might each one decided to  go on strike one at a time to gauge the impact of their non compliance. When eyes refused to see, the body lost its balance. When ears refused to hear..well you get the drift right. One body part was a silent spectator to all these drama..namely the buttocks. It decided to teach the other parts a lesson for not even considering it in the race. It simply..well..decided to keep its mouth shut, in simpler terms.  The call of nature was loud and clear and within matter of minutes every organ realised the might of the now silent organ and begged for forgiveness and unanimously elected the buttocks as the undisputed leader.

Moral of the story ( If at all there is one ) - any ass can become a winner when the time or the situation suits, but that doesnt necessarily mean anything. One need to take things into perspective before arriving at any decision and hopefully sanity will prevail..for Mera Bharat is always mahaan..


Ramesh said…
Lovely Gils shtyle post. The depiction of the press as Naradar is an insightful one. I think that is precisely what they are.

Alas Gilsu - well seem to be Tamilians or Keralites first and Indians second. Ready to fight at the drop of a hat. If only everybody would expand their hearts and minds.
Asha said…
Paavam :(, they did'nt spare even the sabarimala pilgrims. angeyum adi dadi.

in the fight for power, the innocent people are victimised. It happened with many during the cauvery riots in Bangalore.

angeyavadu paravillai,border sandai, enge oorla ullurleya sandai.

I'll stop here, idhukku mela flow pocchu na... namba manbumiga HRD amaichar KS gag order potruvaru.
Aarti said…
Sigh.... Its almost like the so called politicians need something to squabble over and in the midst of it all we get caught... bah....

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