Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Revolution 2020

Looking at the title itself you can realise how cheesy the content is going to be. But as they say never judge a book by its cover (or by its title for that matter) than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha gils ploughed into the story.
The intro was again a let down. It was a xerox of what he wrote on "3 Mistakes of my life". Same scenario. Same result. Flashbackla katha solla kudigaara narratora vitta vera optionay teriathaa mishter Baghat?!!! Intha aal schooldaysla romba kushtapatrupaan nenakren. Something about his education is plaguing him. Oru katha udaama elathulayum education systema damage pannitrukaan. Not that the system is so great or pious to be ridiculed. But oru changekavavathu vera theme yosikalam. Bloody boring it has become.
A triangular love story. One ozhukkaseela character, topping in studies (which he makes it sound like the worst thing or the uncoolest event at the best, to ever happen in that characters life), one sumaara padikara heroine and one suthama padikatha hero. This guy is the narrator cum central character of the story. He comes in every single page of the book. He cribs about his life, cribs about his average score on the entrance exams, cribs about his dad, cribs about his unnreciprocated love for the sumaara padikara heroine, cribs when she reciprocates, cribs when he realises the ozhukka seela nature of that dummy piece character, cribs when the heroine cheats on her boyfriend and sleeps with him and finala ditches the heroine so that Mr.ozhukkaseelan has aatharavu in his life. Oops..spoiler alert. Dont read from the 3rd line of this paragraph. Athaan motha kathaiye.
As always, in this story too, the girl has affairs outside of her relationship and gets ditched in the end. Wonder the reason behind this deliberate picturisation on all his novels. There is hardly any hollywood movie where the hero and heroine dont kiss. Even then, it never look vulgar. Aana namma oorula bittu pada poster mathiri kiss adikara sceneye prathaanama vachu padam oatuvaanga. Atha mathiri thalaivarum try pannararo? It sticks out like sore thumb in this otherwise decayed story line.
The concept he has taken deserves a lot more respect and lot better treatment. This one is written with B grade masala bollywood movie making in mind.

Gils verdict - YUCK.


Suganya said...

I consider Chetan's novels as time pass reads anyway. After this review, I am sure I wont go beyond half way of the book. For me, bad books are very very boring than a bad movie. Just can't tolerate.

RS said...

Nalla vela Gils, munnadiye solliteenga. Will not even try to get the ebook :D

Ramesh said...

Of all the comments ever written about this book, this one surely has to be the best. Can there be a more vivid description of a book. Brilliantly simple and a telling review. Please send to Mr B.

Super Gils. You have to change your profession.

RamMmm said...

OhO! idhai vechchu thaan namma oor magazinesla 'kissu kissu' (கிசு கிசு) ezhudharaangalO. :-) aduththa book ozhungaa ezhuduvaarnu nenaikkareenga?

Asha said...

From the review, it looks like a khicdi of all his books( ofcourse cricket missing) puttogether.. ....Like all his books idhuvum... YUCK daana....

never liked any of his books....... two states kooda... namba ooru patthi konjam ezhudinadala .... i like...

As always proving you are a pastmaster in the art of reviewing :)

gils said...

same here...5 point someone stands out though. but with repeated rubbishes like this he is dragging it into mud too


gils said...

aio thala..actually feels bad to bash up someones creativity. the words written wer by the guy who spent rs140 on that book :)

hahahaha irukalaaaammmmmmmmmm :)

gils said...

2 states bookla tamilsa he wud've vaarified like anything. antha heroine introkaaga mattum me the konjam likes it :))