Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ada aaapeecerungala!!

Vara vara officela makkal thara kedupudiya vida government thara imsainaalaye makkal elaam vela paaka aarambichiduvaanga pola!! Facebook la yaar enna panraangannu inimay HR,network teamlaam monitoray panna venam. Antha antha ooru state governmentay ithelaam nalla paathukaranga. Mumbaila etho oru ponnu ipo recenta mandaiya poatta (Avvvvvvvv....pera type panna kooda bayama iruku!!) oru thaanai thalaivarukaaga ethuku bandh pannanumnu oru one line status poatathuku antha ponna pudichi ulla vachitaangalam mumbai kaaval thurai. Ithula uchha katta kodumai was..antha status ku like poatta innoru ponnaiyum ulla vachitaangalam!!! enna koduma saravanaa ithu!! Ipdilam restrict panni kadisila vela paaka vachiruvaanga polarukkay!!!  (On a serious note i guess it could have been preventive arrest to avoid any flare up and possibly for the girl's own protection..nallathay nenaippom!!)

Inthe freedom of expression itha pathilaam elaarum medai poattu koovarapolaam realise pannathilla. But when it hits closer appo thaan theriuthu ithu evlo peria matternu. Saatharanama oru opinion, athuvum thannoda personal spacela solla kooda mudiaama oru situation varapo thana freedomoda arumai theriyuthu. And ithey ratela pona we are all set for a major "change" soon. Infact, antha ponnu entha status message poatucho, athey pheelings thaan enakkum. But since lot of my friends are marathi people and most of them are so sensitive to the topic, atha pathi post pannala. Ithana naala summa irunthitu ipo thideernu elaarum pongi ezhunthu protest panrapo thaan prachanaiye varuthu. Extremist..facist athu ithunu ippo brand panra makkal ithana naala enna pannitrunthaanga? Well. They were raising the same noise, but from a safe distance. Aal illaingarapo everyone wants their share of limelight and moments in the sun. It only irks the already strained sentiments of the supporters and the stage gets all set for anarchy. Sedition charges are something which is a multi edged sword. Enga handle enga sharp sidenu vidhyasam kandupudika mudiatha oru weapon. Its very easy to use it on an individual and the kind of power it gives to the government is quite scary, to imagine the extent to which it can be used. Aana athey samayam, it would make instant martyr out of an otherwise unknown individual. Its as good as blowing up a small, otherwise harmless spark into a powerkeg. Each time when an ultra national raises his head, the government, irrespective of the country, follows the same approach. They allow the person to thrive and when it becomes too close for comfort they either use brute force (in case of military regimes) or side with them (in case of democrazies). The latter is the case many itmes over in the short 6 decade old post independent Indian history.

The rise of zealots raises a fundamental question. When there is a government, supposedly elected by the vast majority, why do people still go to these extremist for solutions? Why dont they have the trust on their own elected representatives or the institutions (police and judiciary) that they blindly accept? People cry over the rising cost of education and everything in this country. Wonder if has anyone ever tracked the cost of judiciary? If you've to wage a court case, what would be the minimum amount an individual is expected to spend and how much it has increased over the ages??!! Especially with the turnaround time for cases running into decades, this would make an interesting observation i guess. The only way, i feel, to counter these mob uprisings, is to strengthen the judiciary and the legal system. It could be the only unifying common thread, to hold this great country full of diversity. Till the time people have faith that everyone is equal in front of law, there is still hope that, they wouldnt rush to the extremists for any short cut solutions. And there wouldnt be legends or lores praising their so called "heroes".

 This entire situation reminds of a comedy scene involving Vadivelu and Maddy in RENDU movie. "Aniyaayatha kanda ponganum" nu maddy will advice vadivelu and what happens next is exactly how our arasiyal thalaivars behaves :)


Ramesh said...

You raise a valid point Gilsu - why do such divisive & hateful figures thrive. The problem is that there is a strong ground support for such people. It is easy to fan the sentiment of discrimination (after all who doesn't feel discriminated) and then build a mass support. It was this tactic that enabled Prabhakaran of LTTE fame to thrive. It is the same tactic used by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck in the US. And this case in India as well. As long as there is a mass of people willing to support such behaviour, no amount of judiciary or police will be able to check them. In a democracy , we have a duty that goes along with the freedom to chose our leaders. The duty is to reject such characters in the ballot box.

Having said that, what happened to the two girls is an absolute outrage. There will be serious consequences as this is even worse behaviour than say in China or North Korea. The government, and the nation, must apologise to these two girls.

Asha said...

APPALING! wrt to whatever happened to the girls.

An impulsive retort, a bitter truth , freely expressed opinion or an innocent joke are taken offensively and replied with bitterness.

Intolerance seems to be the order of the day. It has became fashionable to be aggresive. Where are we heading? What precedent are we setting for our gen next?

P.S parthu status update pannunga because we want such continuous impressive posts.