Meet you on the other side :)

Roomie: Planning to go for haircut today itself
Me: Why man? Wait till tomorrow..why waste 15$ if world ends tomorrow?
Roomie: I want to look decent in hell..hehehe
Me: !!!! Oh yeah...if you get a crew cut they will fry you in special double refined oil !!!

Some parts of the world have already chimed in 21st december while rest are waiting with bated breath :) THE day of all days has finally arrived. This one is unlike Dec 31 1999, where in the new millenium made "anti-christ" and satan the heroes for the day and which pushed "End of world" scenarios into prominance, for the dawn of the new millenium had quite some positive vibes about it. My engineering friends took pride in the fact that they would be the first batch of Engineers into the new millenia. The babies born on that day hogged the limelights as millenium babies. The cyber world had beendone with its digital nail biting getting over the fear of the Y2K bug, which was a major windfall for Cobol and AS400 programmers at that time. The joke that time being, even if you know anyone by the name Gopal you can be shipped to US!! Mokka one..still.. :)

I had a project deliverable scheduled for tomorrow. It was having so many irritating last minute changes that I was secretly rooting for the doomsday. But now its been postponed to 31st midnight. Not sure if i had to applaud on their "optimism" or anger over working on new year's eve. All these talks of doomsday had gone too much into my head i guess. Today morning had a super dream..err..nightmare. I was talking with my mom, in our house's terrace on a late afternoon chennai, with the sun blazing away in its glory. I was asking her "So..whats the deal about doomsday..onnum kaanum??" and suddenly the sky is filled with moons!!! All shapes and sizes. Some where  square..some like hourglass...some rectangle..and like a meteor shower they were streaking across the sky..coming down and down. And more than the sunlight, the glare from their light was so bright that it was speading across the sky, masking the sun. I was so scared that i woke up like an uncoiled spring. Took a while to get oriented and the fact that it was 9AM in the morning and sunlight was pouring through the window didnt help either.

Some of my friends are posting what they would do incase if its confirmed that the world is gone tomorrow. Almost all of them had mentioned that they would propose to the girl(s) :d they were scared to before. For them to propose their love, it takes the world to end :D Still another way to look at it is, if love is the last thing on anyone's mind, even with the terrifying thought of impending doom, well, thats what makes being human special, isnt it :) I for one is optimistic that, this too shall pass, for i've already scheduled another post. So just for that sake i hope the blogspot server survives. Varta :))


RS said…
ha, fearless, yet sleepless. curiosity.....
gils said…
hahahaa :d still awake? :D waiting for EOW?? :D
Ramesh said…
Right; now we wait for Gilsu's next post. Maybe its the "proposal" :)

Btw, I know lots of Gopals. Why didn't I get shipped to the US?????

gils said…
thalaivary...obamakillatha whitehousea...nenga US vareenganna liberty statue antha kaila irukara theevattiya inthakaikku shift pannitu oru salute podum :)
Vincy said…
Gils, I know you are an ardent fan of Ramesh. (include me in the big fan list..) Athukaaga, liberty statue, theetivatti, salute.. konjam overaa illaa...?
gils said…
lol :D nope...not at all :D thalaivaroda greatness far exceeds the seven seas..that silai is just a speck on his fame horizon :)
Aarti said…
So Adiutha post title enna "the proposal, not the movie" .. Ennamo nadakuthu ennannu puriyale.. Lol..

Naan 21st niteu busla irundein.. Thookam suthama varle n thala vera ore suthals.. Nalaikku enna nadakka pogutho
Ramesh said…
Blushing furiously and severely embarrassed :):)
Anonymous said…
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