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Unda Mayakkam

Diwali @ foriegn desam apdina intha potluck, games, familya settle aagiruntha snacks and sweet distribution to all apartment veedu and bachelorsna oc saapaadu for couple of days. Guess this is the norm in most of the places. For this diwali, it was for the very first time, spent it with such a huge gumbal. Ithuvaraikkum entha oorla irunthaalum will get back to Chennai for festivals. This time that wasnt possible. But this experience was very nice too. Here they had arranged for potluck with some 20 plus families, with each one preparing a dish. Around 40 people had been invited. And i was made incharge for the most important and critical and essential and mandatory item, without which potluck wouldnt have been possible. Vera entha dish sample panna kedaikutho illayo ennoda item ilaama ethuvumay not possible and each one had to have one of it alteast. Avlo criticalana mukkiyamaana antha matter ennagareengala..athaanga Plate. Aairam thaan vagai vagaiya saapaadu pannalum..plate illama sapda mudiyuma. Itha sonna udhaika varaanga. Enna kodumai ithu :((
The family at whose apartment we all gathered had arranged for kutti games also. Etho mini kalyana saapadu mathiri irunthichi. Avlo variety. Nalla kattu kattunu kattitu ellarum kelambinaprum kadisia kelambrathula innoru vasathi irukku. Especially if you are single. Micham meethi ellam pack panni parcel kuduthiruvanga. Here also, chamatha enga roomkaga oru peria packet was ready. Pora kuraikku oru anbu ullam, wheat halwa senju, enakaga speciala oru packet kuduthu vittanga. Avvvvvvvvv...avanga anbu alwava vida sweet. Apruma diwaliku release aana THUPPAKI padam paaka motha gumbalum went. Paathi theater enga gumbal thaan. It was neither a typical Vijay movie, with no punch dialogues or mass kuthu songs, nor a Murugadoss movie, with hardly any of his signature touches, nor was Kajal Agarwal good looking in that, semmaya weight potu pannikutty mathiri iruntha and comedy was pathetic and songs marana mokka except for Google Google. Choregraphyum padu sumaar. Only saving grace being the mind game sequences between hero and villain. Konjam logica and thrillinga irunthichi. Padam poora oray whistle and comments and cat calls. When we had went for SKYFALL, the vellakaara ammani who was sitting next to some of the ladies in the group, sushed them and scolded them for making non stop comments about James Bond. Intha vaati no such prachanai. Highlight was, in the movie there is a scene when Kajal Agarwal tries to kiss Vijay. One of my colleagues kid, hardly 5 years old was sitting at the edge of his seat watching the scene with rapt attention. We all were watching the keenness with which the kid was following the scene with so much "involvement". My colleague sighed and said ," Ivana inimay padam paaka kootikitu vantha Thavani kanavugal Bagyaraj mathiri chillarai kaasu kaila eduthu vachuka vendi thaan". Those who've seen the movie, will know which scene he was referring too :D Semma fun it was.

Ivvaaraaga diwali celebrations mudinji adutha naal officeku kelambara mathiri kodumai irukay :( romba kushtam. Previous day panna comedies pathi arattai adichay paathi naal odi poachu. Mokka potukitu irukkum boathu suddenly one reminder popped up. There was a training scheduled for 12.30 PM and it was about to being in 5 minutes. Adichi pudichi login pannaparum thaan realised, athu naan present panna vendia session!! Enna topicnay maranthu poachu :D One by One makkal started joining the call. Enna panrathu theriama oruthar oruthar kittayum Happy diwali and how their day went, ithay kaettay oru pathu nimisham thallitu, antha gapla brushed up what i needed to talk about :D pakkathula ukkanthiruntha colleagueslam semma ragalai. Call mutela poatutu galatta pannitrunthaanga. Funny thing was, session mudinjathum, itha mathiri oru session en vaazhkkaila attend pannathilla..enga arivu kanna thoranthiteengannu oray aaravaara comments. Oru payalum sessiona gavanikkalainu nanna purinjuthu :))

Avlo thaan kathai surukkam :)) ippothaikku apeetu appalikka repeetu..varta :)


Savitha said…
Sema rahalai Diwali pola??!!! Athuleyum neenga yeduthuthu pona item irukuthey, atha vida better-a yaaraleyum kondu vara mudiyaathu. Vaazhga unga sevai.

Yuck, Vijay movieya po first day paarthirukeenga?? Cheeee!!

PS: Yen baas, login panna solreenga, athunalaa I cannot comment for the past few posts....
Vincy said…
No crackers for Diwali?
Asha said…
Wow...naanga indiansa vida neenga daan jollya enjoy panreenga.... naduthunga...njoy!

ellam ok....adennamo presentation, officennu ellam ezhudirkingalay adu daan odaikkaruthu.... seri edukkum nambittom.... neenga velai vishayama poirukkenga foreign kknnu:)

Ramesh said…
That's the way to celebrate Diwali, but in a potluck you can't get the plates. You should have made some involved Diwali sweets and the precious twenty something would have batted eyelids at you .., !
diwali make relationship storng
gils said…

:D:D hehehe..sevai.yeah..rightu.
:(( ennanga panrathu...intha ooru vanthu inum oru urupidiana padam kooda pakala..
naan setting ethuvum maathalaye..??
gils said…

ileenga..tappasu vedikarathu stop panni 4 years aguthu..infact no major celebration for any festival unless forced to


naanga indiansa!! ithelaam remmmmmmbaaaa overu solliputen :(
hehehe..elo apo apo aapeece pathiyum sollalumla :D
gils said…

enna security poatalum spam podaama vida maatanga pola!! yov..naan ithuku mela mbbs padihci dental college chinala open pannanumnu unakku avlo aasaiya...mudha patienta unnaiye pudikaren paru
gils said…

ada neenga veranga...bating batting onnum velaikaaagathu
gils said…

:) maybe :)
Asha said…
adada... neenga NRI nnu sonnalum :(
naanga indians nnu sonnallum :(

what is this ya?

idhuvum konjam over daan...ok ok

diwali gift.. neengadaan indiava vallarasa aaka pogum thamizhaga ilainjar ok, now :)
gils said…
lol :D neenga indiansku no :( naanga indians ku thaan :(
gils said…
vallarasaakara velaiyelaam gabtun vijaykantha epovo panitaaru :D inimay viswaroobam thaan :D:D

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