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Hyperbola Gils :)

In my previous post, while mentioning about the quirks of Monk and how they make up majority of the episodes was wondering is it really possible to be so...hmm...confirming. Ipdilaam kooda yaarachum irupaangalanu yosichapo it reminded me of some quirks of my own :)

School padikarapolaam if a paper...any paper(!!) happens to touch my leg, udanay thottu kannula othindruven :D My sister used to be a playful (read normal) soul and will step on anything despite my mom's warning that stepping on school bag means no padippu yerings in ur mandai. I took those warnings literally :) and till date none of my bags go anywhere near the toes :D aana padippu thaan yerina maathiri therila :D During school days, I used to wear my right socks and shoe first. Thappi thavari left socks potukittenna adutha arai mani neram kaalula etho weight katti vitta mathiri oru feeling irukkum. Will forcefully try to divert my mind into something else and worst case, when possible, will wear the shoe again. And notebooksla centerla thaan label oattanum. Cornerla oattina antha subject kashtama irukumnu oru "abaaara" nambikkai. All notebooks should be covered with golden brown color wrapper sheets. Athu semma thicka irukkum and in entire class mine would be the only one in that color wrapper. Oru mathiri orangish colorla, almost paperlike feeling wrapper, was the common one then and athu poattalum subject saria padikka varaathunu adutha "abaara" nambikkai. Ella bookslayum first pagela, exact middlela oru pullyaar suzhi kandipaaga irukkum :D and will always right my name with initials in front followed. Once when i saw my friend writing his name first followed by initials, it took me a while to digest that people can write in that format!!!
Ethaachum chapter padichitenna antha page would be marked with dog ears :) the more the folds more happy i would be that i know the contents of that page. Pinnadi intha pazhakkam apdiye ulta aaidichi. Ippolaam novels padikarachay, i hardly fold the pages. Either i would finish them in one sitting or would exactly remember where i left. Keeping a book in exactly the same condition as i got it is the latest fetish :D

Athey mathiri if something touches my hand or leg, like a screen cloth or paper floating on air, it has to touch both the limbs. Dont ask me why..i've no reason :D And if i take anything from a shelf or draw, i will keep it back each time even if i have to take it out a hundred times. If its from the draw, it HAS to go back to the draw. If i dont keep it back, avlo thaan. Once i took out scissors to cut a cover and pesikittay didnt notice where i kept it. When i needed it again it was so frustrating to note that it was not in its usual place. Ithula enna matterngareengala..well, to avoid a repeat of the situation i bought half a dozen scissors. Now i've so many that i've simply lost track of the number of scissors in our room :) Same goes for pen. I hate to borrow from people simply for the reason that if i ask and don't get it will feel very bad. Ithukaagavay will have a dozen of them in my bag. Athula evlo ezhuthumnulaam theriaathu..for i hardly write nowadays..but they should be there :) Ippo yosichi paatha ithelaam naama thaan pannomaanu nambavay mudia maatenguthu :D

ok...kathai mudikara timelayaachum title pathi solanumla. Mathematically speaking, one of the constraints for a hyperbola is that its eccentricity should be greater than 1 (less than 1 parabola and exactly 1 ellipse nenakren...not sure). Ennoda list of eccentricities kandipa greater than 1 thaana :D athaan antha title..hehehe :D

Hey..y dont you folks list down your quirks :D may the quirkiest win :D


Ramesh said…
Hyperbola "Thalai"

- Forever linking Gilsu to Asin, Tamanna, et al
- Moaning that Gilsu has become an Yank
- Making fun of the "remote wilderness" where Gilsu now lives
- Reading avidly the sayings of Swami Gilsananda
Asha said…
idhellam sagajam appa!

Mine are ulta of yours.
i wrote my name followed by a comma and my dad's initial.

i never put pillaiyar suzhi, all in my family do. naan first pagela first line margin melerendhu ezhuduven, konjam kooda paper waste panna matten.

i hated orangish brown color and preferred khaki color cover or even colorful newspaper cover.

Even i would stamp books and paper and argue " sami is omnipresent and all that" with my elders.

Funnily, today with no one around now to tell me all this, if i stamp paper, odanay kannula otthipen.

lakshmi said…
he he!!! Mothathula.. shoes socs a left leg, right leg, left hand, right hand ipadi pootum.... paper ku dog ears, cat ears a madichum... label left right center nu otiyum... padipu yerla ngranginga :))
lakshmi said…
padikrachae... neriya paeru will do such crazy stuff.. i remember one o my college frnd, during semester.. oru xam click ayiduchuna.. anaiku potta dress she will wear it for the rest of the xams... nallavaela xams naduvula couple o days leave irukum.. illaina enga gathi!!!
gils said…

:)) u can never be hyperbolic thalai..neenga epovumay parabola thaan :D


aaha neenga en jister elaam oray gumbala :D me more like programmed robot in these mind of my own..follow pannu na will follow..avlo chamaathaakum :D
gils said…

oi :D neenga innum intha pakkamlaam vareengala!! :D nice :))
ennanga panrathu...padikaratha thavira michamelaam panni paathen..athaan reason nenakren :D
aaha oray dress ella examuma!! sutham!!!

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