One test and many learnings

When i had taken learners permit, it was more for an id proof/address proof kind of thing and never had any intention of taking it up further. When roomies went for driving classes, joined them for fun and even after going for half a dozen training sessions, was still in no mood to actually take up the test. One fine day, it finally dawned that, Why not? Afterall i've spent so much for each of those classes, i might as well take up the test. All the while i was playfully attending without showing much interest on learning the rules and the moment i realised i had to prepare for the road test, it was throwback time to the school days. Looking at the way i was driving, the instructor booked a much early slot for me and all of a sudden things were not so easy anymore. The same roads, that were comfortable to Vrroom around appeared like obstacle courses. During the final class, looking at the way i was driving, the instructor asked me to pull over.

"What the hell is wrong with you"
I didnt even turned to look at him and kept staring ahead. "You are not doing a brain surgery here. Why are you so tensed. Relax."
The reason for the dressing down was, he asked me to make a left turn and i did a complete U turn on the lane. He was so shocked that he couldnt bring himself to shout at me then and there and asked me to pull over.
"Why did you make that U turn"
I kept quiet for some time and finally confessed the real reason. "Just a left turn alone sounded too simple"

He started laughing so much that he had tears running. "Oh my god. Why do you want to complicate things? You are not appearing for Guinness record my friend. Its a simple road test and how much ever you want to complicate it, this much only is what they are expecting you to perform during the test."

Infact, a similar sentiment was echoed by my manager sometime back when i pestered for a project change. I told him that i was feeling bored in the current setup and wanted something that would demand more from me. He said "Enda..ellarum easya velainum kaetta nee en valiya poi vambu venumngara". And upon my constant nagging he finally got me changed to a high pressure project.

Its not that i always go after difficulties. But for me, having things getting done easy, always had a feeling of guilt associated with it. That unless a task is complex it doesnt give the satisfaction of getting it done. Ithana naala ellarum sonnapolaam realise pannala..aana when the instructor laughed about it, it really stuck for the very first time, that how simple it sounded. Even during my student days, when i solved a math problem fast, i would never feel satisfied and would think that it was an easier one and hence i was able to crack it. And during the course of that driving class i realised it a lot. Rather than making things simple, i imagined complex, thought complex and that only ended up increasing my mental stress. Finally i was a nervous wreck on the day of the exam that i almost gave up. Better sense prevailed and today i feel more relieved than happy that i cleared the test. The roads have widened up again and travelling has got back its merriment. When my examiner told my driving instructor that i cleared the test he only said one thing "I always advice my students to think sharp while behind the wheel. But for this guy, i begged with him not to".

So, athaaaagaaapattathu....enna solla varennaa... license kedacchaahhuuuuu ...wooohoo :))


Asha said…
wow, congo! aana enga veetucar anga daan irukkar. adanala parthu poga sollanum roadla...LOL
gils said…
!!!! neenga indialathaan irukeengala?
Asha said…
naan safe zone :D
Aarti said…
USA license-a???? sutham.. appo roadla irukaravangalum at dangernu sollunga.. nalla vela naanga ellarum thapichom... for the time being :D

Aarti said…
Asha- kept searching for a like button to your post on ur aathukarar being in uSA n gils on the road..hehe...
Asha said…
@ Aarti - gils US la irukkara dairythala enna vena comment adikkalam nambo. inga vanda daan irukku rotten tomatoes out of reach la vekkunum.

Menwhile no like button? So give me a hi-5.
Priya said…
Way to go Gils!! Enjoy driving and drive safe.
Ramesh said…
Here's a tip Gilsu. Armed with the licence, ask Danica Patrick for a date. Movier starlets ellam vittudunga thalaivare. Danica is the one.

Bravo !
gils said…

lol ...athu"car" :D:D:D kalakiteenga..athaan night vigila...enssoi

@rt: the india license also have :D erkanavay entha sidela vandi oatrathunu kozhambi poitu kuthumathiupa median mela than oatikitruken...anga vantha footpathla thaan safa vandi oatalam :D
gils said…

pesama intha comment sectiona chat window sectionnu rename panidlaamnu iruken :D


heyyy :) thank u
gils said…

antha ammani pora speeduku romba kustham..fingeruku etha swelling :D
G3 said…
LOL :) Boss auto driver nu pottu tharuvaangalae.. andha license-a boss ;) First time en friend adha kaamchappo ennada inga irundhu USkku auto otradhukka ponannu otti eduthuttom :P

BTW.. Unga instructor unga kitta irundhu enna ellam kathukkittaaro.. avaru blog link plz :)))
gils said…
budhham saranam gachaami nu ithana neram theetchai vaangirupaar nenakren :D:D ggg...enna ulaga magaa athisayama blog pakkam? :D
Vincy said…
Congrats Gils. I think it is the trait of the Gemini's that we cannot take life easily or is it? Whatever, same applies to me toooo... a good learning for me here... :-)
gils said…
apdithaan thonuthu :D

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