Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Diwali folks

There used to be a time when inbox would be filled with forward messages and pictures of lamps and crackers and godess Lakshmi and fundoo exe's. They were the fore runners for "mail storm"s i guess, where in each people marked on the mail dutifully either replied all or forwarded the mail to everyone else on their address books. When i was a fresher, we used to have a "competition" in our gang as to who gets/sends the most creative of forwards. My seniors used to complain that they have been seeing the same content as forwards for several years and some even went to the extent of creating rules to spam our mails :) We used to tease them as the dinosaurs of IT and our excuse always was that, though the content might be years old, that would've been the very first time we were seeing them. There was one akka in my team who would pass on her "critical review" for our mails and she always used to tell me that soon we would all get over it and there would come a time when there would be no forward mails on your inbox. That time , she said, you will remember what i am telling you now. Well, mail varathillangarathukaaga naama mail anupaama vitruvoma enna :) So here is me spamming the blogspot :))

Iniya Deepavali nalvaazhthukkal makkalay :) May god shower your life with prosperity and joy and happiness and may each day be as bright as the festival of lights.


Ramesh said...

Happy Diwali Gilsu. The festival carries a special meaning when you are out of India - especially when you have to go to work on that day !!

Btw, akka yaaru ??? :):)

Priya said...

Happy Diwali gils!! Just finished making murukku just now.

Mail dhane. Namale wish panni fill panna vendiyadhu dhan.

Venkat said...
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Asha said...

potomac snanam accha :)

gils said...


akka..hmm..avangala pathi thani postay podalam. She was one of my greatest moral support in my first company along with another anna who literally kaia pudichi kootiku vanthaar through my initial years :) indebted to them. Aana avanga thideernu touchlenthu kaanama poitanga..naanga evlovo try panni avnaga mail id vaangi ping panniyum no response. USla irukaanga nenakren. Meet panna nallarukum :)

gils said...


heyyy :) murukaa...avvvvvvvv....oru fedex podrathu :)


aaha..etho greeting card padicha epect..nallaruku :)

gils said...


pontiac ileenga..lake norman :D:D