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The question - part 9


Looking at his condition, Priya picks up Ram's phone and decides to inform his home. Deciding against scaring his parents, she drops that idea. Suddenly the phone vibrates with call from Anil. Thanking her stars, she picks the call and informs him of the situation. Anil rushes to the clinic.

@the Clinic:

"Romba thanks Priya. When you picked the call instead of Ram, naan enalamo nenachuten one nimit"

"Avlo tension pannitena..sorrynga..didn't knew you were that close with him"

"Cha cha..tension ila Priya..I thought ...seri vidunga.. dei Ram..are you ok now"

Half conscious and reeling under the effects of sedatives, Ram blurts something.

"Ivan saatharanama pesinalay puriyathu ...ipo idhu enna sonnar"

"Slight concussion..mathabadi nothing to worry...ok Anil..appo neenga paathukareengala..I will leave..already late aaidichi"

"Neenga enga ponum sollunga..will drop you after we deposit this guy in his home...idhuku mela cab kedaikrathu kashtam..double rate poduvanga even if they accept the request"

Priya agrees and settle in the back seat with Ram who suddenly wakes up from his stupor.

"Ennnnaaa traffic..vandilam nagarutha illa park pannitu driverlam asanthu thoongitaangala..."

"What to do ...naatula car jaasthi aadithu..are you alright now" asked Anil

"Aaamanga saar  ..Appuchi  Dacalti nu bike velayae car vida jaasthiya irukarapo..atha vida kammi velaikku rendu tyre extravoda varuthaynu kanda naayum car vaangiduthu....intha car eppo vaanguneenga?"

"dei..unakku lift kuduthen paaru enna solanum..athenna saar nu solraan..oru vela innum mabbu pogaliyo" ran in Anil's mind voice. Priya unable to control her giggles watches outside the window.

Both reach Ram's home. After hearing the incident, his mom scolds Ram for often eating out and falling sick, this time literally.

"Aairam thaan irunthaalum namma oor saapaadu mathiri varaathu. Per vaikrathulenthu evlo mangalagarama saambar, rasam, moar, saadhamnu saathveegama vachirukanga. Vellakaaran saapatu periyum paaru..pisaasu pichakarannu"

"Athu beggar illa mummy burger.." corrects Ram which is frowned upon by his mom.

"Romba thanks ma..un per enna sonna"


"Eeshvaro rakshathu...Deivathinde thuthi.." prays Anil

"Yaaruku thithi?" asks Priya

"Adhu thuthi..thithi illa..thuthi naa paadal..thithi na padaiyal..its getting too technical you know..naanay theliva irukenn..unakenna acchu" queries Ram

"enna ezhavo..kadavulay nee thaan enna kaapathanum" grumbles Priya

"Exactly" and Ram falls down on the couch in full sleep mode.

"Seringamma appo naanga kelambrom..Priyava veetla drop pannitu naan poganum"

"Oru nimisham irumma..vellikezhamaiya paathu veetuku first time vanthiruka..intha kumkumam vachukko. Verum nethiya irukku paaru"

"Aaha..paiyan workout panrathukulla amma set aaiduvanga polarukkay...machi..macham da unakku" nu mind voicela pesikitaan Anil.

On the way back to her home, "Ram amma chancel..semma sweet and veguli la" said Priya

"Aaamam..avanga romba nallavanga..Ram ku set aagalinathum antha jaadhagatha Maheshuku kuduthu ipo avanga life set panni vachirukaanganna parungalen"


Antha "ohh" la pala vishayangala Priyakku clear aanathu Anil understood.

"Aaama ...naan unga call pick pannapo edho nenachen soneengalay..ennadhu?"

"Adhuva..hmm...err..Ram mimicry panraano nenachen.."

"Ungaluku poi sollavay varaleenga...freeya vidunga"

"Seri..kochikaama thittama iruntha solren"

"Avlolam kashtapadalam venaam"

"Aiyo..amma thaaye paradevatha..unna kattikitu Ram enna paadu pada poraano"


"Jothika mathiri edhuku ivlo don't know that he likes you?"

"Hello..idhelaam over..unga friendku apdi edachum idea iruntha..let him decide and talk for himself..sorrynga..thappa nenachukatheenga..and thanks for the lift back ..."

Looking at her going to her hostel Anil was wondering "Sothapitomo?"

~To be answered

P.S: as with all thodarkathais in this blog..adutha partoda subam poturren :D


Ramesh said…
Ohhhhhhhh - Story ending ??? I though Part 4567 at least pogum - Tamil serial shtyle.

Last episodela Asha, Athivasi ellorum varuvangalaa ?? Maybe kalyana virunthukku :)
Asha said…
oohh...innum RAYA kadhai mudiyalaya....TVla kooda mudinjuduthu.....

As Ramesh says...waiting for kalyana virunthu invitation.kalyanam enge? eppo? foreigna? indiava?
gils said…
adutha postal parunga..u also coming :D

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