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The question - part 8


@the restaurant:

Mahesh and Kaushiki are seen welcoming their friends.

"Wish u a happy married life in advance" chimed Priya

"Thank you.." blushed Kaushiki

"Unakku Ramar mathiri oru husband varuvaarnu naan wish pannathu balichiduchi paaru " giggled a lady standing next to Kaushiki

"Enga ivlo kolaveria oru wish panirukeenga" queried Priya

"Kolaveria? ennama solara..ramar seethai pola irunganu wish panrathu kolaveria?" questioned that lady angrily

"Of all the married gods Ram thaan worshtu. Wifea poatu padaatha paadu paduthi..thee kulika vachu..veeta vittu kaatuku thorathi..infact saria vachu kaapatha kooda illa..ravanan thookitu poitaan..ipidi patta oru husband venumnu varam kudutha athu kolaveri ilama ennavam"

"Pinna epdi solanumam? adhaiyum neeye sollu"

"Pondati sethutaanu sogam thaangama ava dead bodya mela poatukitu kaadum malaiyuma suthinaaray sivan..avarum parvathiyum pola panna ponnukaga vesham poatu, ushaar panra ponnu enna caste adhu idhunu prachanai varumaanulam paakama..supera marriage pannikitta murugan vachu vaazhthalam..irukara married godslaye ram thaan worstu nu athaan sonen"

"Ram worsta? naan ennanga pannen" chipped in Ram
Looking at him, Priya went beet red in color and hurriedly excused herself.

"Antha ponnuku Ram nu sonnalay ivlo kovam varuthu...nee edachum settai pannia?..amaidhiya iru na kekka maatiye" chided Mahesh

"Me one know. Ummachi Ram mela thaan Priyaaku kovam. Naan sumaanachi iruken. Why target me?"

"Ram..enakenamo unga rendu perukum tally aagum thonuthu" pitched in Kaushiki

"Naan ungala korthu vitta kadanuku repaying?" asked Ram

"Venaamna sollu"

"Naan venaamnu solavay ilaye..seri nee aasapattu kekara..inniki un engagement I allow you"

"Alpa da nee...seri..naan paathukaren" assured Kaushiki

"Heyy..apdiye en per Balasubramaniamoda short form sollidu"

"En..ava Ramar and Murugar pathi sonnathukagava...shabba...aamaa...Balasubramaniam epdida Ram nu short aagum?"

"Adhu neengalam thappa Bala subbu nu koopdreenga.. its actually Balasub"Ram"aniam..apdi"

"Mahesh..thappi thavari ivana namma kalyanathuku naan invite panna enna neenga divorce panidunga.." said Kaushiki as she was leaving from there towards Priya

"Adai..butter pongara timela paanaiya udaichiratha" nu paarvaiyalaye Mahesh warned Ram.
Avar mindvoicela Bengalila asingama thitinathu subtitileoda feel pannathunala, silently Ram went to the Buffet.

@the Buffet:

In the queue he waits for his turn with plate in hand.

"Excuse me..if you don't mind..naan antha tissue mattum eduthakalama" a familiar voice interjected the queue ahead of him.
"Oh..sure..heyy..neengala..wht a surprise"

"Halo..naan Mahesh Kaushiki kitta pesitrunthatha neenga paathatha naanum paathen..intha dakaaltilam venaam..thanks" Priya took a bunch of tissues and turned back with a smile forming on her face.

"Iva venumnay vanthala illa idhuvum coincidencea..."a perplexed Ram looked at her moving away.

Suddenly she came back.."ungala onnu ketta thappa nenachuka mateengalay?"

"Queue break panni inum konjam fried rice vachukanuma?"

"Cheee..ipidi vaanga"

"ennada ithu..naama pesa vendia dialogesa iva pesaraanu" Ram followed her in wonderment.

"Kaushiki unga girl friend illaya?"

"Huh..ithenna pudu kadhai..enga..kalyanathula gummi adichiruveenga polarukkay.."

"Illa..hmm...seri venam..sorry...I shouldn't have asked.."

"Haiioo...unga kaadhu apdiye carrot colora maaridichi..." noticing her blushing.."moonjiyum apdiye maaritu varuthu...Tom and Jerry cartoonla Jerry kitta maatina Tom mathiri irukeenga"

"Eppovumay ipdi thaan mokka potukitu irupeengala..ungaluku vara pora wife romba paavam"

"Adhelaam ungaluku pazhagidum"


"Ileenga...avangaluku pazhagidum solla vanthen..spelling mistake aaidichi"

"Pesarapovay spelling mistakea..neenga epdi intha gumballa mix aaneenga...bloggera?"

"haiaoo..namakku leave letter emailay copy paste panni than pazhakkam...intha bloglaam romba kashtam..epdi thaan ipdi vala valanu adikarangalao"

"Mahesh blog padichirukeengala..avar blogla valentines day postku love letter post onnu potruntharu..atha vachu thaan kaushiki ku propose pannaram"

"Ohh..avar blog link enna?"


"Teertham poatta aada thaan seivaanga...correcta thaan per vachirukaaru"

"Nonsense...Teerthadanamna artham enna theriyuma..." before she could complete the lady who was standing next to Kaushiki called for Priya. She excused herself and went away, leaving Ram ruing another missed opportunity.

"Ahem..may I come in.." asked Kaushiki
"oh..hey..hi..." stammered Ram awoke from his dream

"Dei Ram..enna pakka vantha anniki thaana intha Priyava meet panna sonna ne? athepdi ivala paatha udanay pudichiruchu enna pudikala?" asked Kaushiki

"Ipdi right eye brow usathi left eyebrow straighta vachu question ketta naan bayanthu poi unmaiya solliduven"

"Which is?"

"Nee Minnale padam pathirukia?"

"Nera entha kelvikum badil sollavay maatennu sathiyam pannirukia?"

"Ila..antha padathula epdi Reema Sen Abbas pakrathuku munnadi Maddy kitta mayangiduvalo..athey pola..hehe"

"Appo nee Reema sen..naan Abbas and Priya Maddya?"

"ooh..apdi yosicha romba kandraaviya irukulla..intha example venam..echa poatu azhichiralam"

"Che..yucky fellowda still haven't told the reason"

"Poraama padrapolarukkay..enga mister Mages"

"Adi pinniruven..unakku help pannuma venama"

"Seri karuppu thanthi business...endha ponna paatha mandaikulla bulb erinji mani adikara sound kekutho..she is the one apdinu oru mahaan sonnaru...athu base pannithaan"

"Usuala mandaikku mela thaana bulb eriyum solvaanga??"
Nodding absentmindedly at Kaushiki he looks at Priya who is busy talking animatedly with that lady and misses his footing. He crash lands into the trash trolley and has a bad fall.

He sees all stars around his head and a loud ringing noise non stop in his ears as if his ear drums will burst. Looking at him falling head first on the floor, Priya drops her plate and rushes to Ram.

A terrified Priya gets even more confused to see Ram smiling while lying half conscious, who was recollecting
his last part of conversation with Kaushiki.

~To be answered


Ramesh said…
Suspense developing more and more - Is this going to be 4325 part serial ?? !!

But very disappointed with the unanswered question. Teerthadanamna artham enna ?
teerthadanam said…
Ramesh sir,

Teerthadanam na - pilgrimage :)

In the context of my blog it is a metaphor for this life, which is one unending journey in search of the 'One' who is within!

gils said…

avvvvvv...therileenga..oru 2 partsla mudichiralamnu iruken..


nanni :D

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