Monday, June 20, 2016

The alternative

He entered the room to look at two visibly tired faces and him crying in the other corner of the room.


"Vaaye thorakala"


"uhumm...engalala mudinja varaikkum try pannom.."

"enna pannalum..vaaya mattum therakkavay maateengaran..last three hoursa mannadiyaachu..enna pannalum masiyala"

"hmmm..naan try panni paakren"

What followed were a series of screams and cries and after about half hour struggle and he came back fully covered in sweat.

"Any luck?"

"No..idhuku oray vazhi thaan iruku. Adhu readya irukka?"

"hmm....ipdiye continue aana..."

"vera vazhi illa.."

She kept the crying child on her lap and fed him the juice from feeding bottle, which he thirstily gulped.

Solid food saapdama adam pudichi liquid dietla odum anaithu kuttieskum this is dedicated.


Savitha said...

Gils payyan na summava? :D

PS: He may be teething :)

gils said...

heyy..athivasi madam..epdirukkel :)

Ramesh said...

Gilsu - Solid Food you are giving is completely tasteless. Koncham Gongura chutney seththu kuduththa kutti Paiyan liking :):):)

Asha said...

Reading this reminds me of my own trials with my first born....had a tough time....i learnt wisely and did'nt use the feeding bottle with the second. Once you start feeding bottle it is difficult to wean them from the bottle.

gils said...

shabba..kanna kattuthu