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Between now and Forever - book review

Dear Meera Shiva,

Thank you so much for sharing your book for review. That too a signed copy and with a wonderful greeting.
I loved the slip with special note inside the book. It was a pleasant surprise. I for one, never ever ever ever ever ask for a review of anything of mine, be it my speeches or posts. It takes way too much of a strong will and real guts to submit a work for a third person review, that too to someone who is a total stranger.

I found the book from wrapper to wrapper a pretty impressive production. Be it the cover page, both the wrapper pages and the quality of the print, it was all top notch. Due credit to be given to those in charge for the same. The index was another interesting section with character names being used as titles for chapters. It was something novel of an attempt. First chapter of the book itself was like boarding footboard on a fast moving bus. It goes at break neck speed and what would've been a climax in many  a novel was posted as starting point. Many a hindi movie scripts would've been a full blown story of the first chapter itself. The way in which each character has been introduced and linked into the story line was another pleasing aspect. For a person who finds it difficult to follow stories with multiple characters, it was easy on the mind. At 176 pages long, the book is much shorter a story than many would assume. Another plus for the story is that, you can continue in same pace all throughout the book and never have to slow down for its easy going storyline.

I've never read Mills and Boons. When i was discussing the story to a friend of mine, he commented that, it sounds like a story, right out of MnB publication. What I felt after finishing the book was, for a 176 page book, the romance sections were given way too much weightage than the actual story line itself. But then again, its a romance novel. What else can you expect. I also felt, the villains lack any will and easily submitted to the hero, who for a software guy from SFO, is projected like Sivaji Rajini. It felt out of place and there were hardly any twist or trouble for him to accomplish. Things just "happen" to him. He kisses the heroine on very first meeting and gets away with it.  He takes on a powerful politician and a super rich lady hell bent on wreaking vengeance and gets away with it. He drives his first girlfriend, pregnant with his kid, to death and guess what, gets away with it again. He is easily forgiven by everyone and as always, winner takes it all.

If the intention of the book is to fill up a leisure space with a light at heart storyline, this would be the pick.


Ramesh said…
Neat post Gilsu. From a movie reviewer to an book reviewer you are spreading your wings. What next ?
gils said…
kannula jalam looking at this comment..thanks thala for diligently commenting :)
Asha said…
@ Gils - appreciate that your book reading interest is sustained comparing with me. I have totally lost interest in reading books and to think that i was a voracious reader once upon a time. Keep the interest going..will read atleast your reviews.

And regarding Ramesh, so true what you said about him in the above comment.
gils said…
this book eversion is there it venuma? amazonla irukam

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