Thursday, June 09, 2016


It has become a norm for kutty paiyyan to wake up half asleep at around 2 AM and start crawling in circles. Thookathula nadakara mathiri thavazharathulam kooda irukumo? He would try to touch wake me in first try followed by clawing and finally would give a solid kick. Adhukum asaiyalana he will complain to his mom, crying the whole house awake. At times i do manage to wake up in the first attempt, wanting to spare some more minutes of sleep for wifey. But never ever has that happened for she would always be the first one to wake up at even the slightest sign of  snuggle by kutty paiyyan. This happens to be the very person who once when we went out for dinner with our friends to a restaurant in Nungambakkam, slept at every silent second. While coming back by bus, the moment the bus starts moving she would be seen shut eyed and sleeping. For some one who slept so soundly and peacefully, kannu vachitom nenakren, the transformation is huge and can be realized only by those who have seen both the versions. 

Somehow, the concept of motherhood, makes mutants out of womenfolk, arming them with special powers of heightened senses towards smell and touch and extra sensory perception towards their kids needs. Maybe its an inbuilt switch which gets sets to "ON" when the kid comes out from them i guess. She would come dead tired from office, travelling all the way for 1.5 hours. The moment kutty paiyyan see her, he would simply jump on her giving no two hoots to me and amma who would be pampering him all the while. She HAS to lift him and cuddle else he would cry his heart out. The moment she see him, konjam cheesya irunthalum unmai, her face lights up and she doesnt mind holding him while she settles down. 

Mother's day anniki ellarum avanga ammaku wish panranga. Naama chinna vayasula irunthapo nammala samalika amma evlo kashtapatrupanngannu we may not've realized then, though we are grateful. Maybe that's the reason, why god made the concept of husband to make him see what his parents went through to raise him, in the form of the mom of his children. 

P.S: idhu feminism post illeenggooo :D


Ramesh said...

Gilsu pheelings romba sentiya poruthey :)

Kutti Payan must be instructed that kicking a sleeping Gilsu is not of much use. Instead he must stand up and pee on the good man - that will wake him up :):):)

gils said...

hehehe...he does that as well :D

Asha said...

We realize our parents worth only after we ourselves become parents.

gils said...

sathiaya vaaku