Elaam oru velambaram thaenn

Pakki post alert.

Appo appo oru velambrathukaga sila pala stats posts podrathu vazhakkam. This one is bit special. Adichi pudichi the hit count broke the 2 Lakh hit mark :D Adhukaana reason is oray the mystery for me. In past one month alone the hits reached over a 1000 per day. Enakku therinju intha blogla padichi comment podra oray jeevan Thala Ramesh thaan. Vincy, Asha, Mahesh ivanga visitlamum serthu poatu paathalum, oray maasathula 30,000 hits epdi paathalum dacaltya irukku!!! Spam comments podama, virusa poattu thaakama, verumna hit stats mattum increase panna antha nalla ullangaluku nanri :D



Vincy said…
Gilsu Congratulations. You are in the big league now.

Lesson for you - Do not underestimate yourself.
Vincy said…
Gilsu Congratulations. You are in the big league now.

Lesson for you - Do not underestimate yourself.
G3 said…
Hehe.. Me one adiyen in that.. to kelarify and read all old posts abf comments I visit here often :-D

BTW, when is the last part of the story scheduled to release??!!
Ramesh said…
Congratulations Gilsu. Rajnikanth, Kamalahasan, add all the new heroes whose names I don't know, all the heroines whose names I don't know, are all avidly reading your blog to see where "The Question" is going so that they can make a movie out of it and star as Ram, Priya ...... That's why hit count is going through the roof :)

That is also why I am clamouring for a small extra role in the "movie". Mahesh has already got his, so, why not Asha, Vincy, me .... :):)
Savitha said…
You have to count on me too man😁

Asha said…
2 crorea irukkum...sariya parunga sir...naanay 2 lakh times vandiruupen:)
gils said…

avvvv..danx. chacha..estimateavathu...pudichi panra oray vishyam post poatu polambrathu..adhula ivlo hitsna..naatla evlo per baadhikapatrukaangannu nanna teriarathu :D:D:D

@triple G:

heyyyy...irukeengala inum...amma was asking about you...ootuku vaanga
gils said…

intha kadai innum odrathuku pala karanthula miga mukkia kaaranam you only :)) mikka nannri... adutha postal paarunga..unga ellariyum korthu vitruken :D


avvvvvvvvvvvvv....vaanga vaanga..enga aalaye kaanum


crorea...avvvvvvvvvvvv....unga varugaikkum tharugaikkum nanri

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